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Nothing is more satisfying than fresh extensions. The feeling of beauty and confidence is unmatched. And there's never been a better time. The latest hair extensions are super comfortable, natural, and discreet.

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    Starts with a Free Consultation

    Hair Extensions Prices Las Vegas

    Hair extensions are customized to each person. With that, it’s difficult to estimate a price. There are many factors to consider like the type of extensions, desired length, volume, and what’s best for your hair. The best way to get a cost is to talk with a stylist. You will discuss options and finalize a price.

    Woman with blended hair extensions

    Overnight Dream Hair

    Feel Brand New with Hair Extensions Designed for You

    There is no better confidence builder than walking into a room with new extensions. But with endless options, there’s a lot to get right. So come in, let us nail the details, and leave with the hair everyone envies.

    Minimal Damage

    Stress Less About Extensions Stressing Out Your Hair

    Extensions sound great, but you want to protect the hair you already have. We understand – and you don’t have to worry. High-quality extensions and a perfect install will keep your natural hair stronger than ever.

    Color Matching

    We Can Color Extensions to Perfectly Match Your Hair

    Good quality extensions can be colored like any hair. But extensions do take color differently. We perform strand tests to understand how your extensions take color – and how to best match them to you.

    Forget You Have Them In

    Forget Comfort Worries with Extensions that Feel Effortless

    Heard extensions are uncomfortable? Experienced it yourself? There is a better way. It starts with a professional installation and ends with the correct maintenance routine. After a free consultation, we will design both for your hair’s specific needs.

    Hire a Pro

    Hair Extensions are an Investment Worth Protecting

    Extensions are worth the time and money. It’s easy to focus on the brand of hair or type of weave. However, the professional you hire and the products you use are more critical to long-lasting satisfaction.

    Only One Step to Change Your Whole Life

    All it takes is a free consultation to get started. Let’s figure out the best extensions for you.

    Stylists who specialize in Hair Extensions

    Hairstylist Bridget Balicki at The Hair Standard Salon in Las Vegas

    The Lakes

    Bridget Balicki

    Bridget has always had her hands in someones hair. When she was little it was her barbie dolls and not too long after all her friends. From the beginning she knew she would be a hairstylist.


    Megan Dimosantos

    Megan has a sweet soul. Her kids are her life, and she often finds herself knee-deep in laundry, but an escape to the salon is one of her favorite things to do.


    Hailey Ralls

    Hailey recalls a time in elementary school when she went to career day. On that day, she dressed up as a "hairstyler." At a young age, she had her mind made up.

    The Lakes

    Izzy Cieri

    Izzy is a sparkling personality with a smile as bright as her hair color. She is as comfortable with incredible hair color as she is on a skateboard or ghost hunting.


    Samantha McMurrin

    Sam wanted to be a hairstylist for pretty much forever. Sam specializes in classic, wearable, natural-looking hair.

    Kelsey Rodrigues at The Hair Standard


    Kelsey Rodrigues

    Hilarious and charming, Kelsey has a serious talent for hand-tied hair extensions and lived-in color.


    Cassie Wilson

    Cassie is a sassy and savvy stylist with a talent for hair and eyebrows. It's rare one person can perfectly style every hair on your head and with Cassie, you get just that.


    Emily Black

    You will never find a sweeter, funnier, or more sincere stylist. With talent out of this world and an infectious smile on her face, time in Emily's chair is time to cherish.

    The Lakes

    Kamryne Crum

    Meet Kamryne, a hairstylist who embodies adventure both outdoors and in her salon chair. With a lifelong passion for hairstyling, she specializes in giving her clients the long hair they crave.


    Cecilia Santos

    Her friends call her Ceci, and with charisma like Ceci, you'll want to be her friend. Often hilarious, always talented, and a bonafide hard-working perfectionist. We should all aspire to be like Ceci.


    Quincey Collins

    Meet Quincey. You are bound to fall in love with her lively personality. Spend time in her chair, and you will have a new best friend and a stunning new head of hair ready to take on the world.


    Skylar Flores

    Skylar is a rare mix of wide-eyed and can-do-anything spirit. Her eagerness to reach perfectionism is only matched by her desire to learn. Her work is inspiring because it never stops developing.


    Rachel Peshlakai

    Rachel is a big personality and knows how to have a good time. She is a hard-working momma, photographer, and hairstylist. Her talent is inspiring and a bottomless pit of growth.

    Ashton Scurr The Hair Standard Las Vegas


    Ashton Scurr

    This multi-tasking hairstylist, blogger, and momma has magic hands when she is behind the chair. Her beautiful smile mimics the stunning looks she creates.


    Megan Wathen

    Megan has a love for hair. She has found passion in all things blonde. With a keen eye and impeccable taste, the style pulsing through her veins is second to none.


    Holly Gutierrez

    Holly is stunning inside and out. Her talent is beyond compare. Holly is beauty, grace, and a whole lot of fun.

    Sable Richter at The Hair Standard


    Sable Richter

    Sable has been with The Hair Standard since day one and has been the most dem working stylist behind the chair ever since. How blonding and extensions skills have never stopped growing or impressing.


    Harlequin Phillips

    Sitting in the chair with Harley is like sitting with the most talented best friend. Her color work is incredible and her hand-tied extensions are a popular request.


    Ryann Ringger

    Ryann is likely the sweetest person you will ever meet. She belongs behind the chair with a smile that could warm any heart and a talent sharper than her sheers.


    Rachel Arsen

    Rachel had a long journey, but in the end, she ended up in the place she was meant to be, a part of the THS family. She is an incredible stylist with the insane talent behind the chair.

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