Kamryne Crum

Meet Kamryne, a hairstylist who embodies adventure both outdoors and in her salon chair. With a lifelong passion for hairstyling, she specializes in giving her clients the long hair they crave.

Services & Starting Prices for Kamryne

Fantasy Colors Free Consultation
Blow Out $50+
Men's Haircut $45+
Women's Haircut $70+
Root Touch Up $90+
Bleach Retouch $150+
Color Correction $100/hr+
Full Highlights $250+
Single Color $150+
Partial Highlights $175+
Hair Extensions Free Consultation
Balayage $250+

Recent Reviews for Kamryne

"From the moment you walk into this beautiful establishment you are greeted and it feels so welcoming. I was offered something to drink some snacks. The hair professional was very friendly and intently listened. Every artist in there was friendly and welcoming."
Dorothy. O. | google
"Kamryne was responsive in text message, friendly, and did a great job with my hair!"
Kendall. L. | google
"Kam did a really good job on my hair!"
Tracy. C. | google
"I love the vibe of this place!! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming! Kamryn never fails to achieve exactly what i’m looking for!! I definitely recommend this salon!!"
Faith. J. | google
"My 10 year old son has very long hair and sometimes he wants to get his hair styled nicely. This place always does such a great job, and everyone that has ever worked with me has been polite and friendly."
Lenny. L. | google
"Kamryne was my stylist. She was fantastic. I am so very happy with my hair and I am never happy with my hair so it says a lot. I also watched her do other people’s hair because I arrived quite early and I’m quite impressed about the versatility she has. "
Sheila. G. | google
"Kamryne totally killed it. I came in literally in tears because I've just had a horrible last few months and was looking for anything to make me feel a little less depressed and she definitely went above and beyond. Couldn't be happier!!"
A. M. | google