Lindsa Kusmitch

Lindsa is constantly smiling. She loves to go on new adventures and explore new places. She is very passionate about her work, which shows in everything she does.

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  • Blonding
  • Foilayage
  • Layered Haircuts
  • Blow Outs
Lindsa Kusmitch The Hair Standard Las Vegas

It Started With A Roommate

Lindsa has always been an independent and self-reliant person. Right after high school, she got a job and moved right out. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do but knew she had to figure it out on her own. Her roommate was in cosmetology school, and there was something about hair, building a business, and the independent freedom that was compelling. So Lindsa started looking at hair schools and began her journey. 

Lindsa Kusmitch The Hair Standard Las Vegas doing hair

Hair Education

After hair school, Lindsa’s first salon experience was assisting the Above and Beyond Beauty salon owner in California. At first, it was brutal. Lindsa was painfully shy, the owner had no time for nonsense, and some days, Lindsa would go home defeated.

Lindsa Kusmitch The Hair Standard Las Vegas hair school

The Real Lesson

As time went on, she saw what the owner was doing—breaking Lindsa’s shy shell to build her back up. Looking back on it, that time at Above and Beyond was some of the most valuable hair education Lindsa ever had. These days, Lindsa and the owner are still good personal friends.

Lindsa Kusmitch The Hair Standard Las Vegas blonding


Growing up in California, Lindsa has a deep affinity for the classic, lived-in, beachy blonde. But, blonde is not just blonde; there are infinite facets. Lindsa knows every one of them.

Lindsa Kusmitch The Hair Standard Las Vegas foilayage


Balayage, teasylights, babylights, and foilyage. There are a lot of terms for similar applications. Lindsa’s favorite is foilyage. The main advantage is, of course, brighter blondes. 

Lindsa Kusmitch The Hair Standard Las Vegas blowouts


It’s easy to know why blowouts are one of her favorite services. She is absolutely amazing at them. We have seen hair so smooth we couldn’t believe just a blowdryer did it.

Outside the Salon

When Lindsa is not behind the chair, you will most likely find her hanging out with her husband and three dogs. She loves to cook and hike. Traveling home to California to see her family is another thing that Lindsa loves to do. When her husband retires, they hope to do even more traveling.