Georgette Frazier

Georgette is a hairstylist by day, party planner by night. Her eye for party planning is almost as keen as her eye for hair. The talent in her hands is unmatchable and her outgoing personality makes for an unforgettable trip to the salon.


  • Balayage
  • Dimensional Color
  • Cutting
  • Keratin Treatments
Georgette Frazier The Hair Standard Las Vegas with dog

Hot Pink Hair Dye

In high school, you could find Georgette making friends and doing their hair. She can remember an early time mom yelled at her and her friends for splattering the bathroom with hot pink hair dye. To mom’s credit, she knew then to push Georgette towards hair school. 

Number One Fan

In fact, Georgette’s Mom has always been her biggest supporter. Not always the case with girls who want to go into hairdressing. But, ask Georgette, and it’s her mom’s nurturing spirit and creative freedom that allowed Georgette to become the stylist she is today. 

Georgette Frazier The Hair Standard Las Vegas in Paris

Hair Education Journey

Georgette graduated from Southern Nevada University of Cosmetology in 2014. In the years to follow, she lived in several states while doing hair and taking classes. She loves learning new things and continuing her hair education and is a certified balayage master and a network educator for Bumble and Bumble. After conquering the country, Georgette returned home to Vegas to build her career.

Georgette Frazier The Hair Standard Las Vegas balayaged hair


Balayage is one of Georgette’s favorite techniques to use when blonding. She loves to create looks that are long-lasting, low-maintenance, and functional for modern-day women. 

Georgette Frazier The Hair Standard Las Vegas dimensional brunette

Dimensional Color

Georgette specializes in dimensional color and has built a clientele focused on it. The dimension in each look can allow for low-maintenance services year-round.

Georgette Frazier The Hair Standard Las Vegas keratin treatment

Keratin Treatments

Treatments are a special type of service, and Georgette loves them. With her patience and skill, each keratin treatment that walks out of the salon looks smooth and perfect.

All Things Georgette

When Georgette is not behind the chair, you can find her doing many different things. She loves to travel, take pictures, and meet new people. She is a hard-core foodie and loves to try new foods. Georgette is Christmas-obsessed.

Party Girl

Georgette loves to throw parties. Each party has a different theme, and she goes all out. She loves all the details and planning that goes into each party. Entertaining guests is one of her favorite things, and parties are the perfect way to do this.