Bumble and Bumble Hair Products October 17, 2018

Best Hair Thickening Products

There is a way to enhance thin hair. Using the right hair thickening products can help make your hair look its best. Here is our rundown of must-have products to combat thin hair.

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Washing beaded weft extensions
Hair Extensions February 13, 2018

Washing Beaded Hair Extensions

Whether a first-time wearer or an old-school extension veteran, one question we get all the time is “How the heck does washing beaded hair extensions work?” While a simple subject, there are things you need to know.

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Elena Hansen from The Hair Standard Salon
Balayage Hair Color January 6, 2018

Teasy Balayage with Elena Hansen

Meet Elena Hansen from The Hair Standard salon in Las Vegas as she demonstrates her teasy balayage method. The end goal of this method is sunkissed highlights so natural they look painted by the Californian sun.

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Hair Extensions April 23, 2017

Getting our Hands on Hand Tied Wefts

At The Hair Standard, there are more clients with extensions than without. Hair extensions are easily one of our top requested services. Machine wefts are super popular, but recently we notice the natural look of hand tied on Instagram and Facebook more and more.

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Habit comes to the salon to teach at The Hair Standard
Our Salon January 23, 2017

Famous Habit Salon Finally Visits Vegas

Habit Beauty Salon out of Arizona is well known on instagram for their trademark balayage blondes, beachy curls, and sought after classes and education. Habit hasn’t ventured out of Arizona to teach until this year and they are finally coming to Vegas for a one night only class hosted at The Hair Standard.

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