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Balayage is bigger than ever and our most requested service. The technique will forever be popular for it's natural look and low-maintenance grow-out.

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    Our starting cost covers most clients. However, stylists are independent contractors and set their own prices. The base price is the minimum a stylist can charge.

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    Get a final price before you start anything. The best way is a consultation. Consultations are free and a chance for us to understand your goals and hair history.

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    Balayage Started in the Streets of Paris Before Revolutionizing the Salons of Summerlin

    Balayage is a hair coloring method born in 1970s France. Translated to English, balayage means “to sweep” – as in sweeping a paintbrush across a canvas. Freehand painting creates natural, low-maintenance highlights.

    Balayage is Just a Word

    The Boundless Balayage is Versatile and Can Be Customized to Create Countless Looks

    Subtle and sun-kissed are the calling cards of a classic balayage. But it doesn’t stop there – balayage is endlessly flexible. We can customize a wide range of looks specific to you and your skin tone.

    Featured Balayage Examples

    woman with a combination of highlights and teasylights

    Getting to the root

    Balayage Vs. Highlights

    Full highlights go to your root; balayage does not. That’s it. Balayage highlights look subtle and graduated, whereas traditional highlights look distinct and defined. One isn’t better than the other, and both are a means to an end.

    Rooting Out Frequent Touch-ups

    Balayage Saves Money on Maintenance and Gives You More Time Between Appointments

    Fresh hair feels fantastic. Less so when the roots show. Balayage doesn’t color your roots and grows out gracefully. You come in for toner refreshes, but they take less time and money than a bleach retouch.

    Freqently Asked Questions

    Stylists who specialize in Balayage

    Hair Stylist Sam Allison


    Samantha Allison

    Sam is a dedicated hairstylist that loves to learn. Her love for hair flourishes as she educates herself on different techniques that make stunning results.

    Ashley Grana The Hair Standard Las Vegas


    Ashley Grana

    Ashley is self-admittedly basic, but we love her. She brings something unique to our THS team, and that is fun. A happy hour and a game night, and she is nothing but happy.

    Charity McMullan The Hair Standard Las Vegas


    Charity McMullan

    Charity has grown up in The Hair Standard. Her first high school job was as a receptionist. The stylists at the salon saw something in her and encouraged her to pursue a career in hair. It's a good th

    Ashton Scurr The Hair Standard Las Vegas


    Ashton Scurr

    This multi-tasking hairstylist, blogger, and momma has magic hands when she is behind the chair. Her beautiful smile mimics the stunning looks she creates.


    Hailey Ralls

    Hailey recalls a time in elementary school when she went to career day. On that day, she dressed up as a "hairstyler." At a young age, she had her mind made up.


    Holly Gutierrez

    Holly is stunning inside and out. Her talent is beyond compare. Holly is beauty, grace, and a whole lot of fun.


    Kenzie Crowell

    Kenzie is a workaholic. We are happy she settled with hair to be a part of the THS family for the long haul. Kenzie is family-oriented and loves having a yummy barbecue with her family.


    Cassie Wilson

    Cassie is a sassy and savvy stylist with a talent for hair and eyebrows. It's rare one person can perfectly style every hair on your head and with Cassie, you get just that.


    Kristen Savarro

    This momma of two is loving and hard working. The love she has for her family is immense. The talent in her hands makes possible for her to use her creativity to create beautiful looks.


    Cindy Moreno

    Cindy has a style that reflects her iconic personality. Not only a roller derby queen but a stylist dedicated to helping her clients feel more confident about themselves.


    Samantha McMurrin

    Sam wanted to be a hairstylist for pretty much forever. Sam specializes in classic, wearable, natural-looking hair.


    Alondra Ramirez

    Alondra is a sweetheart with talented hands. Whether it is a fantasy color or blonde you are bound to have a stunning head of hair when you leave her chair.


    Quincey Collins

    Meet Quincey. You are bound to fall in love with her lively personality. Spend time in her chair, and you will have a new best friend and a stunning new head of hair ready to take on the world.

    Hair stylist Marienne Elad.


    Marienne Elad

    Marienne loves two things in life, family and hair. She is equally skilled at both. When not spending time with her family, you can find her in the salon foiling the most seamless balayage.


    Megan Dimosantos

    Megan has a sweet soul. Her kids are her life, and she often finds herself knee-deep in laundry, but an escape to the salon is one of her favorite things to do.


    Taylor Johnson

    At her core, Taylor is a family woman and her mom's mini-me. She has a dry wit and no-nonsense attitude that perfectly matches her talent and formidable work ethic.


    Heather McBride

    Heather eats, sleeps, and breathes extensions and blonding. Her talent is impeccable, and her love for hair is unmatchable.

    The Lakes

    Brenda Flores

    Brenda is a talented stylist and tireless mother of four. She is dedicated to blonding, extensions, and improving her client's confidence one strand at a time.


    Bonnie English

    Bonnie is soft spoken as you are first getting to know her, but when you do you unlock a whole new level. Bonnie is talented and loves making and maintaining friends. For this, she loves what she does


    Lindsey Glova

    Lindsey loves all things lived-in. After over a decade in the industry, we can see that her talent is impeccable for those services. Are you looking for a stunning balayage? She is your girl.

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