Hailey Ralls

Hailey recalls a time in elementary school when she went to career day. On that day she dressed up as a "hairstyler." She knew that is what she wanted to be. At a young age, she had her mind made up. The beauty industry was calling her name.

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  • Balayage
  • Blonding
  • Extensions
  • Cutting
Hailey Woolworth The Hair Standard Las Vegas Doing Her Moms Hair

Lessons Learned Young

When Hailey was little she loved playing “hair.” Her mom, being a hairstylist herself, would teach her the right way to curl her hair. Hailey found herself doing her friend’s hair all the time. At the young age of nine, Hailey was coloring her mom’s roots on a regular basis.


Hailey’s love for the beauty industry stems from her mom because she would always do Hailey’s hair. She had grown up watching her mom become the breadwinner for the family, and she admired the freedom her mom’s career gave her to be so supportive of her kids. Following in her mom’s footsteps she became a hairstylist at The Hair Standard. They now are able to work together and bond in the one field that makes them so happy.