Charity McMullan

Charity has grown up in The Hair Standard. Her first high school job was as a receptionist. The stylists at the salon saw something in her and encouraged her to pursue a career in hair. It's a good thing they did.

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  • Blondes
  • Fantasy Color
  • Balayage
  • Dimensional Color
Charity McMullan The Hair Standard Las Vegas Graduating Hair School

The Road from Receptionist to Stylist

Being a receptionist in a busy salon isn’t easy. With the phone ringing off the hook, clients coming in and out the door, and 20 stressed stylists with endless needs, there is a lot to do.

She Makes it Look Easy

Charity handled the job with ease. The stylists noticed. Mel, a veteran stylist, saw Charity asking questions about the process and her natural knack with clients. She knew Charity had dabbled in art and encouraged her to pursue a career in hair. “Hair is in your blood.” she’d say.

Charity McMullan The Hair Standard Las Vegas at Evan Hair School

School, School, and School

Charity wanted to jump headfirst into hair. But, mom felt it was essential to get a traditional degree first. Charity agreed. She quickly earned her associate’s degree and promptly started hair school. After hair school, she started the assistant program (under the mentorship of Mel) at THS. It was in the program where her passion for hair started to thrive.

Charity McMullan The Hair Standard Las Vegas rode gold hair


Charity’s passion for vivids and fantasy colors stems from her time assisting Mel. Mel is a self-proclaimed unicorn queen. The rainbow sparkles rubbed must have rubbed off. Charity loves pastel colors, bright colors, and really, just color. The options are infinite.

Charity McMullan The Hair Standard Las Vegas Teasylights Blonde


Teasylights require a lot of attention (and foils.) Charity has an eye for detail. The tedious work is demanding and complicated but satisfying for her. While it’s a lot of work upfront, Charity says, “they are pretty on everyone, customizable, and low-maintenance.”

Charity McMullan The Hair Standard Las Vegas color correction

Color Corrections

Not everyone loves color corrections. Charity does, though, as long as the client trusts in the process. “I love the transformation, but I also love making a client feel better about themselves because hair has a ton to do with self-confidence,” she says.

Freetime, Food, and Travel

Charity and her husband, Pierce, are foodies. They love trying out new local restaurants. One of her favorite parts is digging deep on the internet to find new places—the more local, the better. She loves the food and supporting small businesses. 

Getting out of Town

When Charity has a long weekend, she will most likely get out of Vegas. You could probably see her at the cabin in Utah or visiting family. Charity loves exploring new places with her husband and is always down for an adventure. Always a scrapbooking opportunity, she has successfully scrapbooked all the trips they’ve been on—such an artist.