Cassie Wilson

Cassie is a sassy and savvy stylist with a talent for not only hair but eyebrows. It's rare one person can perfectly style every hair on your head and with Cassie, you get just that.


  • Extensions
  • Balayage
  • Blonding
  • Cutting
Cassie Wilson The Hair Standard Las Vegas young picture

Where It All Started

The first time Cassie realized she wanted to be a hairstylist was when she did her best friend’s hair for a 9th grade dance in high school. Everyone loved the look. From that moment, Cassie knew she wanted to make people feel beautiful every day, just as she had with her best friend on that fateful day.

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Receptionist Experiences

On the road to becoming a hairstylist was an important job that solidified Cassie’s ambitions. She worked as a salon receptionist. A salon receptionist is a sometimes demanding job, but even with the demands, Cassie loved every second of it.

Admiring from Afar

While close to everyone, she would envy the fun stylists were having from afar. She wanted to be a part of it. Other than the fun, she admired how stylists grow and run their own business while managing their own schedules. Hairdressing was it, she knew it more than ever.

Cassie Wilson The Hair Standard Las Vegas headshot

Hair Education

Cassie is a born beautician but also an entrepreneur. Other than the actual craft of hair, she loves the business of it. On the craft side, Cassie has taken countless classes on everything from blonding, correct foiling, extensions, treatments, and precision cuts. On the business side, she has learned marketing, branding, and finances. Whenever Cassie gets comfortable, she finds renewed inspiration in learning something new.

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Important Lesson

Cassie said one valuable lesson she learned is, “I never made myself feel like I wasn’t good enough.” Cassie is the type of person that loves to learn and grow and shared that she knows she has never been the best, nor will she ever be the best. But, she has learned that experience is critical and that it is so important never to stop learning.

Cassie Wilson The Hair Standard Las Vegas blonde hair


Cassie loves that there are so many different tones of blonde and that every single blonde person is their own type of blonde. Whether it is buttery, ashy, creamy, or beige, Cassie is there for it.


Not everyone needs extensions, but Cassie loves how they add a little bit more thickness, length, and volume. The most satisfying part of extensions is the instant confidence boost they provide.

Cassie Wilson The Hair Standard Las Vegas balayaged hair


A balayage has a beautiful blend that can make any client look like they just got their hair done. Cassie loves a classic low-maintenance beachy grown-out look the most but options are endless.

Cassie Wilson The Hair Standard Las Vegas hair cut


Cutting is an essential service, but it can be tricky. Not every cut works for every client. Cassie has an eye for cuts. Whether it’s a trim or a significant transformation, it’s about a stylist’s eye and experience.

Family and Eyebrows

When Cassie is not behind the chair, she is either with her family or doing eyebrows. Family is essential to Cassie. She loves to spend her time at home with her husband and kids.

Second True Love

Cassie has found her second true love, micro-blading eyebrows. Brows and hair make a face, and they go hand and hand. It all comes back to beauty and confidence. With a rare license in both, Cassie is a stylist that can work every hair on your head.