Hair Extensions Las Vegas

Nothing is more satisfying than fresh extensions. The feeling of beauty and confidence is unmatched. And there's never been a better time. The latest hair extensions are super comfortable, natural, and discreet.

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    Starts with a Free Consultation

    Hair Extensions Prices Las Vegas

    Hair extensions are customized to each person. With that, it’s difficult to estimate a price. There are many factors to consider like the type of extensions, desired length, volume, and what’s best for your hair. The best way to get a cost is to talk with a stylist. You will discuss options and finalize a price.

    Woman with blended hair extensions

    Overnight Dream Hair

    Feel Brand New with Hair Extensions Designed for You

    There is no better confidence builder than walking into a room with new extensions. But with endless options, there’s a lot to get right. So come in, let us nail the details, and leave with the hair everyone envies.

    Minimal Damage

    Stress Less About Extensions Stressing Out Your Hair

    Extensions sound great, but you want to protect the hair you already have. We understand – and you don’t have to worry. High-quality extensions and a perfect install will keep your natural hair stronger than ever.

    Color Matching

    We Can Color Extensions to Perfectly Match Your Hair

    Good quality extensions can be colored like any hair. But extensions do take color differently. We perform strand tests to understand how your extensions take color – and how to best match them to you.

    Forget You Have Them In

    Forget Comfort Worries with Extensions that Feel Effortless

    Heard extensions are uncomfortable? Experienced it yourself? There is a better way. It starts with a professional installation and ends with the correct maintenance routine. After a free consultation, we will design both for your hair’s specific needs.

    Hire a Pro

    Hair Extensions are an Investment Worth Protecting

    Extensions are worth the time and money. It’s easy to focus on the brand of hair or type of weave. However, the professional you hire and the products you use are more critical to long-lasting satisfaction.

    Only One Step to Change Your Whole Life

    All it takes is a free consultation to get started. Let’s figure out the best extensions for you.