Cindy Moreno

Cindy has a style that reflects her iconic personality. Not only a roller derby queen but a stylist dedicated to helping her clients feel more confident about themselves.

Services & Starting Prices for Cindy

Fantasy Colors Free Consultation
Blow Out $45+
Men's Haircut $35+
Women's Haircut $55+
Root Touch Up $65+
Bleach Retouch $150+
Color Correction $100/hr+
Full Highlights $150+
Single Color $95+
Partial Highlights $105+
Hair Extensions Free Consultation
Balayage $200+

Recent Reviews for Cindy

"I had my hair done my Cindy twice and there hasn't been a time I haven't love it , she's absolutely awesome. She explains her process and what's she doing . I truly recommend Cindy and her assistant Nathalia were simply amazing, thank you Cindy I love my hair!"
Jisell. M. | yelp

Cindy is a hair goddess!

"Cindy is a hair goddess! My hair always looks incredible. the shop is cute and the rest of the stylist are super friendly."
Mayra. P. | yelp

Cindy has been my hair wizard for awhile now.

"Cindy has been my hair wizard for awhile now and she's always done an impeccable job with my hair. This last visit I came in to refresh my balayage. Unfortunately, I used some purple shampoo that turned parts of my hair green but Cindy was able to correct it. "
Norma. O. | yelp
"Cindy Moreno... amazing, talented, patient, and honest is only a couple words to describe her! I been going to her since 2018 and I will never let anyone else touch my hair! She has made my hair grow like crazy"
Diana. H. | yelp
"I've been going to Cindy for over 2 years now. I came to her originally to get my color fixed, and have only been going to her for my blonde color ever since. My hair is so long and healthy now! I highly recommend booking with Cindy!"
Michelle. K. | yelp

I love this salon it gives you good vibes.

"I love this salon it gives you good vibes. I get my hair done by Cindy she is the best. When it comes to bleaching your hair believe me when I say it she won't damage it. Sounds to good to be true but seriously my hair feels amazing even after her bleaching it."
Adriana. A. | yelp

I get tons of compliments on my hair all the time.

"I've been seeing Cindy at the Hair Standard for the past year and she's amazing. I'm pretty new to having my hair bleached and colored and I've been so happy with the purple sombre she did. I get tons of compliments on my hair all the time."
Leela. C. | yelp
"I booked an appointment with Cindy. She did an amazing job fixing a horrible haircut and color done by my previous stylist without sacrificing the length and health of my hair. Very very happy with the results. Thank you Cindy!"
Petya. K. | yelp
"Cindy is the best!!!! I've been coming to her for the past 6 years and she kills it every time! I absolutely trust her with my hair and I know she'll take good care of it while also getting me super blonde. She's am "
Melanie. T. | yelp

I can not recommend her highly enough!

"Cindy Moreno is the only person who has ever completely listened to what I wanted, asked clarifying questions, and then delivered what I wanted only better. I can not recommend her highly enough! "
Denise. S. | yelp

Cindy takes care of me in a way I haven't felt before.

"Cindy is gentle, kind, and listens to all of my concerns no matter how minor. Whenever I go in, Cindy makes me feel welcome and taken care of in a way that I have not felt at a salon before."
Tovah | google

I don't see myself going anywhere but to Cindy:)

"Cindy is so amazing with hair and an amazing personality that I told my mom and sister to try getting their hair done with her. They went to Cindy and they won't go anywhere else. I also like the ladies at the front desk. I don't see myself going anywhere but to Cindy:)"
Ranee. W. | google
"I just wanted to leave a review so every one and their mother knows about Cindy! Omg she just is the best. Like girrrrlll I came in with some grown out highlights and wanted a major change. Not only did she make sure my hair was healthy but sure I got what I wanted!"
Celeste. C. | google

She is meticulous and a master at color.

"I can confidently say Cindy is amazing!! She's truly a master! She is meticulous and a master at color. She's also very professional. She's always punctual and gives me her full attention during my appointment time. A++ "
Anne. D. | google

I get compliments on the blue color about everyday.

"I tried 2 other salons before I found Cindy and she is the best. I have naturally dark brown hair and she was able to give me exactly what I wanted- beautiful blue! My color was 4 months ago and I still get compliments on the blue color just about everyday. "
Sarah. D. | google

All hail the Hair Queen, Cindy!

"If I could give 10 stars, I would! Cindy is the absolute best and the only person I trust to touch my hair. She's great with color, layers, bangs, she does it all. All hail the Hair Queen!"
Bri. F. | google

the best decision for the evolution of my hair.

"Choosing Cindy as my hair stylist has been the best decision I made for the evolution of my hair. She is very talented and sweet. Even when I'm unsure about my hair I trust her decisions. She makes sure your hair is healthy and thriving before you leave. "
Callie. P. | google

Cindy executes the goal every time.

"Absolutely love this place! Cindy is a goddess! 10+ years experience. Color? The best of the best. Cut? Bestest of the bestest. She's the only person I've trusted for years now. Cindy is always patient, listens, understands and executes the goal every time."
Koko. H. | yelp

I always leave her chair excited about my hair!

"I followed Cindy to this location when she moved from another Hair Standard. Although it's a further drive for me, it's worth It! The salon is clean and inviting. And Cindy is the best! I always leave her chair pleased and excited about my refreshed hair!"
Jill. R. | yelp
"I came to get my hair done by Cindy! She is amazing at what she does. Cindy normally works with an assistant and I personally enjoy this as it ensures accuracy (plus your hair gets done faster)!"
Kalli Anderson | google
"Cindy was fantastic! I just asked for a general caramel balayage and for her to work her magic and she ran with it. I'm very pleased with how it turned out! I feel great! I'll definitely be back to see her again in the future! Thanks!"
Charolette C. | yelp
"Cindy's balayage technique is incredible! She always does amazing and ensures I'm 100% satisfied. I leave loving my hair and feeling super confident!"
Wilma H. | yelp
"Big thank you to Cindy! She brought my hair back to life!! Started with a faded red and ended with a beautiful balayage that I'm obsessed with! Definitely recommend going to her."
Jazmine A. | yelp
Young Cindy Moreno in Hair School

Hair Education

Cindy went to a magnet school with cosmetology as a major. Her mom liked the sound of a career in hair but loved the idea of post-high school job security. So at the age of 16, Cindy started studying and quickly realized hair was her future. “When I first started studying cosmetology, it was fun because I was so young. I didn’t truly appreciate the craft until I dived deep into color several years later,” she said.

The Early Years

Before mastering color, Cindy worked at Supercuts and a small family-owned hair salon. Both places focused mainly on haircuts. One day, a close stylist friend offered to train Cindy in color. She accepted, and the rest is history. Today, Cindy’s blonding and balayage talents are second to none.

Cindy Moreno Green Pop Cut
Cindy Moreno Vivid Red
Cindy Moreno Blonding

Trust Fall

Cindy enjoys it when a client wants something dramatic. The project is exciting, but she loves to earn the trust. “I honestly prefer when the client has a mess on their head. Or when a brunette wants to go bright blonde or the other way around. It makes me happy to see my client’s excitement after a big change,” she said.

Cindy Moreno Color Correction

The Magic Touch

Speaking of dramatic changes, Cindy enjoys color corrections. This is a rare trait among stylists. While most modifications simply take hair a few shades lighter or darker, some are associated with box-dye distress. With a few brushstrokes, Cindy can turn someone’s whole day around. Satisfying.

Cindy Moreno Balayage

Balayage Brushstrokes

Dimensional, natural, and the lived-in color is Cindy’s specialty. It’s taken continuous classes and many hours to master her trademark look. She has some of the most highly reviewed and often requested pictures from our social media. While the training has been intense, the results speak for themselves.

Cindy Moreno Roller Derby Head to Head

Get Out of Her Way

When not behind the chair, Cindy is most comfortable out on a rink. She plays in a full-contact roller derby league in the crucial position of pivot. Pivot means she is a two-in-one player. When her teammates need some assistance, Cindy switches jobs to help. A perfect role for Cindy. She is an essential member of her league and her THS team!

Cindy Moreno on the Ranch

Spare Time Activities

When able, she spends time on her family ranch. She takes care of many animals, including horses, goats, chickens, roosters, ducks, geese, and dogs. She also savors her yoga and exercise time. Above all, Cindy relishes time with her boyfriend and pets. Then, it’s back to the salon.