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Root Touch Up Las Vegas

Coloring your hair can change your look and give you a confidence boost. The color difference between your natural and colored hair needs refreshing. Have no fear, the root touch up is here.

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    What Is a Root Touch Up?

    If you have dyed your hair a solid color, your hair will grow out, and you will eventually need a touch up. That much we’ve covered. But, what’s the process? It’s pretty straightforward. A hairstylist applies color over roots to blend your natural hair with your colored hair. That’s it. You’re either darkening, adding color, or enriching your root color. When you need to lighten your roots, well, that’s something else. That’s a bleach retouch.

    Root Touch-Up vs. Bleach Retouch

    While touching up your roots is darkening or adding color to roots, a bleach retouch is the opposite. A bleach retouch is adding lightener to strip color from your roots. It seems easy enough, but it’s a common misconception.

    It’s Kind of Confusing

    Whether adding color or adding lightener, we are still just touching up your roots, right? Well, not quite. A touch-up is a relatively quick and predictable service. As long as we know the formula for your color, we can mix some up and blend your roots. A bleach retouch takes more consideration, more product, more time, and is all about banding. It’s worth a quick read if you’re interested.

    So, Do You Need a Root Touch Up or a Bleach Retouch?

    Deciding which service you need is black and white. Well, dark and light. If your color is any shade darker than blonde, and your roots are showing, you need a root touch up. If you’re light and blonde all over, and your roots are dark, you need a bleach retouch.

    See the Same Stylist

    Now that you know how important it is to have the formula to your color on hand, you can see how going to the same stylist that did your original color is essential for the perfect touchup. Matching another stylist’s color can be tricky, especially if the new stylist uses a different color line. For best results and seamless touchups, stick with the stylist who did your initial color.

    How Long Does a Root Touch Up Last?

    Roots grow at different paces for everyone but, on average, expect to come to the salon every four to six weeks for touchups. One exception is for grey coverage.

    Touching up Those Grays

    Covering grays is probably the most common use case for touch ups. However, if you’re coming in for gray coverage, the timeline is a bit shorter. Expect salon visits every three to four weeks.

    How Long Does A Root Touch Up Take?

    The touchup process itself doesn’t take too long. A typical application is around thirty to sixty minutes. Processing with time, heat, or both is another thirty to forty-five minutes. Finally, finishing with wash and style is about that time too. So you can expect to be in the salon for around two hours.

    Other Low Maintenance Root Tricks

    There are other low-maintenance ways you can take care of your roots, like powders or color sticks. Products are easy solutions to conceal your roots – and they are safe to use at home and will give you a little more time before you make it into the salon.