Brooke Lopez

Brooke is a Vegas girl, born and raised. She knew she wanted to go into the beauty industry at a young age. The support of her family carried her through the long hours of hair school. Brooke is a stylist and a family woman through and through.

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  • Balayages
  • Women's Haircuts
  • Root Touch up
  • Layers
Brooke graduating from hair school

Hair Education Journey

After Brooke graduated high school, she attended UNLV in Las Vegas, Nevada. She took several classes trying to figure out what to study. Brooke realized the typical college life wasn’t the right for her. Frustrated, she thought about what she loved to do. Memories of styling her family’s hair for special occasions flooded in. Maybe the beauty industry was for her. She asked her mom what she thought about the idea, and without hesitation, her mom enthusiastically agreed.

How to Quickly Become a Stylist

Brooke went to school for long hours and eventually graduated from the Academy of Hair Design completing 1600 hours in a record ten months. Right after hair school, she joined the assisting program at THS. Much like school, her determination and hard work quickly paid off. She flew through the assistant program to become a full-time stylist.

Brooke balayage

An Important Lesson

During Brooke’s time assisting at The Hair Standard, she said she learned a lot from the program. She says, “I feel like more than anything, I learned how important stylist and client interaction is.” We can see that. Brooke cares about her client’s needs! She continued, “Having a solid consultation and being on the same page with your client starts the trust needed to build a clientele.”

google | Gulreen K.
“I had a great experience with Brooke. She was attentive to my requests and my hair and took her time with styling and blow drying it which I appreciated. She was also very helpful with providing advice on what would look good and giving suggestions.”
yelp | Savannah L.
“Brooke did an incredible job with my hair! Definitely one of my favorite cuts I've gotten. She was thorough and really understood what I was looking for, without me having to say much. Will definitely come back!”
yelp | Kathleen K.
“I looked in the mirror and did not recognize my hair! Brooke went above and beyond and took her time to make sure the end result was perfect and exactly what I wanted and requested. Can't wait to come back in 6 weeks!”

That Perfect Balayage

Brooke loves a well-blended balayage. She gets a certain satisfaction out of teasing out the perfect blend. As you can imagine, this is not the easiest of tasks. But, like a painter with a brush, Brooke has mastered the art of subtle dimension.

Brooke Appleyard root touch up

Sticking to her Root (Touch-ups)

Root touch-ups aren’t the most exciting service. But they are consistent and a staple of steady business! While a balayage is processing, you can do a root touch-up on another client. Double booking keeps Brooke busy all day.  No wonder she is excited.

Brooke Appleyard Haircut Client

Hair Cut

Getting the perfect cut that works for you is Brooke’s top priority. While her go-to specialty is timeless shoulder-length layered cuts, she loves aiding clients to find their perfect cut in the consultation process. She says “the right haircut is seriously life-changing.”

Brooke’s Time

Brookes loves to get out of the house to get her mind off of the daily stresses of life. Anytime she has that opportunity, she takes it! Brooke also finds herself spending a lot of her spare time with her family, especially her nieces. She also loves going on hikes at Redrock with her puppy, CoCo.