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The Best Haircut Starts with a Conversation

Do you feel like great haircuts are a myth? We hear that a lot. Haircuts might seem like a simple service when they are anything but. Especially women’s haircuts. You have distinct facial features and a hair type we need to consider equally. The best cut starts with a conversation. Let’s talk cost, types of hair, color options, and the best styling products.

Making Thick Hair Manageable

Thick hair is often bulky and unmanageable. Not to mention, a styling nightmare. Don’t shave your head before understanding your potential. Layers are timeless, and long bobs are forever in-trend.

Soften with Layers and Balayage Highlights

One way we can soften dense hair is layers suited to your face. Using balayage, we paint layers with sunkissed highlights to frame your face and soften.

Thin Hair Has Options Too

If you have thin hair, you want body and volume. Furthermore, you want a cut that holds shape and styles effortlessly. Two women’s haircuts with these characteristics are bobs and shag cuts. Both are super chic and a natural choice for both straight or curly hair. It comes down style.

Timeless Women’s Haircuts Like the Bob

Bobs are excellent for thin hair because of the focus on texture and clean lines. Then again, wearing a bob undone or messy works too. Balayage bobs with a shadow root provide the appearance of volume and thickness.

Get a Look at These Cute Cuts

A-line women's haircuts brown

A-line Bob

Show women's haircuts blue

Cute Blue Cut

Women's haircuts with bangs

Banging Bangs

Textured bob women's haircuts purple single color

Textured Bob

Blow out thick hair with balayage highlights

Curly Hair? Coarse Hair? Ethnic Hair? Absolutely

Please don’t think your hair is so unique it’s hopeless. We have over thirty stylists with hundreds of clients each. Every one of them has a unique hair type. We understand your individual needs because we have them personally. One reference to check out is our Instagram. You will see every type of hair imaginable. Your best cut starts with a conversation and the right stylist. Luckily, we know just the one.

How Much Do Women's Haircuts Cost?

This service like any other depends on your hair, request, and stylist. Women’s haircuts especially vary with thickness. Our starting prices are a good place to start. The next step is to talk or book now and get your conversation started. Gather pictures of your current hair along and what you’re looking to do, and, with those things in hand, your stylist can better calculate the cost.

The Undercut Trend is Your Little Secret

Tribal Lines

Purple Diamond

Flower Power

Bumble and bumble thickening dryspun finish on table

The Best Styling Products for Your Cut

We will give you the best haircut of your life. That mean’s little without the best style. There are an endless amount of styling products in the world and choosing the right ones can be hit or miss. The secret isn’t in one magic product, but selecting the right combination of products for your specific hair.

The Products We Always Recommend

Giving you an exact recommendation is impossible without knowing your hair. However, must-haves products for almost anyone are Hair Dresser’s Invisible Oil, Prep Primer, Thickening Dryspun Finish, and Brilliantine.

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