Izzy Cieri

Izzy is a sparkling personality with a smile as bright as her hair color. Dig below the charismatic surface and you'll find a genuine person who is as comfortable with incredible hair color as she is on a skateboard or ghost hunting.

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Her Sister Inspired Her

Izzy knew she wanted to be a hairstylist pretty early on. She would watch her older sister do her hair and makeup in awe. Even at a young age, she could recognize the confidence feeling fresh provides.

That Magic Feeling

Seeing first hand the happiness hair can provide, Izzy often dreamed about giving that feeling to someone else. She put her head down, worked hard, graduated early, and went to hair school right away.

google | Cosette S.
“Best hair salon in Las Vegas! Izzy, my hair stylist knew exactly what kind of cut and color I wanted and did an amazing job! She talks you through what she is going to do and then explains each product that she is using on you. Very high quality customer service at this place and everyone is so kind. I definitely recommend coming here!”
yelp | Roxanne R.
“I never really write reviews but I HAD to on this place. I took my daughter in to see Izzy for a haircut. She did amazing work and was so sweet to my daughter. The receptionist Hunter was so professional and helpful when we walked in. She offered us water and was very attentive to both me and my daughter. This is our NEW place to go. Keep up the good work !!!”

Color Queen

Izzy doesn’t shy away from any hair type or technique. She is well versed in curly, short, thick, thin, and everything in between. But, she excels at vivid fashion colors.

It’s About the Process

For Izzy it’s all about the transformation. As she says “Weaving out hair satisfies something in my soul.” Her biggest satisfaction is taking a client who might be feeling kind of meh about their hair to that certain feeling of love everything they look in the mirror.

Izzy Cieri the hair standard

Thrasher Ghost Hunter

The last thing to know about Izzy is she is a bit of a rebel. She dances to her own tune and it’s infectious. She thrashes around on her skateboard and spends time hunting ghosts.

Haunted House

She is currently convinced her house is haunted. Enough weird stuff has happened for her to get emf readings and figure out what the heck is going on. Weird hand-drawn symbols on mirrors, lights turning off and on in not so random ways, banging on walls, and whew boy, too spooky to go on. Make an appointment and talk to her about it!