Bekah Suarez

You could say Bekah comes from a long lineage of hairstylists. Her first recognition of this fact was her aunt, a stylist, and Bekah greatly admired her creativity. But her grandpa and great.

Services & Starting Prices for Bekah

Fantasy Colors Free Consultation
Blow Out $45+
Men's Haircut $35+
Women's Haircut $55+
Root Touch Up $65+
Bleach Retouch $150+
Color Correction $100/hr+
Full Highlights $150+
Single Color $95+
Partial Highlights $105+
Hair Extensions Free Consultation
Balayage $200+

Recent Reviews for Bekah

great service and energy from everybody

"I absolutely LOVE coming to this salon. It's not only gorgeous inside, but great service and energy from everybody. My stylist is Bekah, and she has honestly transformed my life ever since I started seeing her 2 years ago. She is so well informed on different hair types"
Kayleen B. | yelp
"Bekha is talented and always professional, she combs the color down so there has never been that ugly demarcation line between the new color and the old color. She gives great cuts as well. She's my girl and I'll always be her client as long as I'm around."
Kay H. | yelp
"Got a hair cut - a huge change for me personally - and it was the greatest experience purely because of Bekah! She was very knowledgeable helping me with styles that would suit my face structure, hair texture, and the thickness of my hair best."
Sydnie B. | yelp
"Bekah is my go-to gal. She is excellent! She has helped me through the last 2 years of my agonizing grow-out-my-pixie-cut phase. I believe she's also a bumble and bumble educator, so she really knows her stuff. The salon is beautiful and clean."
Lea H. | yelp
"Bekah is amazing at hair, and super friendly. She did an undercut for me initially, and also the touch up as well as an overall color. I was a little worried because my hair usually takes forever to apply color or lift, but she got it spot on and it looks great!"
Ashlynn U. | yelp

Small Town Dreams

Bekah group up in a small town with a big Hispanic family. In her family, you work hard and expect everyone to do the same. She always wanted to be a hairstylist but wasn’t sure how her family would react. In some eyes, being a stylist might be considered not to be a “real” profession.

Pitching Hair to the Family

Bekah studied to be a medical examiner for two years. Two years too many. It was time to follow her dream. Nervous, she told her family hair was her future, and she wanted to move on from her hometown of Modesto. Thankfully, most of the family was supportive and sent her on her way. Her mom, biggest fan, often brags about her daughter out in Vegas with the killer cuts.

Bekah Suarez The Hair Standard Cut

Those Killer Cuts

Bekah is known around the salon for skills with cutting. If there is a precision bob, a long layered cut, or a particularly picky pixie, you can consult with Bekah. While some stylists shy away from cuts, she loves the challenge.

What is it About Hair Cuts?

Instant gratification. Bekah said, “In an hour with a simple haircut, you can see a transformation and the client’s confidence build. It’s so fun and never gets old.” She added true happiness is haircuts and root touchups, all day, every day.

Hair Undercut geometric
Hair Undercut flower

The Queen of Undercuts

Bekah does something that not a lot of other people at our salon do: incredible intricate and totally badass undercuts. Not only are the cuts badass, but you kind of have to be a badass to get one. We still get excited every time she gets her clippers out for one of these masterpieces.

Our Bb. NE

As a Bumble and bumble dedicated salon, we are required to choose one person to be our Network Educator and brand evangelist. We chose Bekah. As our NE, she is required to visit Bumble in New York, take advanced classes, and bring back information to share with the rest of us. Educating others on how to do hair is a big part of who she is.

All About Family

Even though she moved on from Modesto, her family stays close to her heart. On days off, you can find Bekah relaxing on the couch with her family and husband, Gabe. They both are busy people with tricky schedules. They work hard and coordinate days off to plan quick trips to California with their dogs.