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Hair Damage

How to Get Textured Hair Without Heat

Updated December 1, 2022

Hair is just as important as clothes when it comes to style and esthetics. Many people take pride in their hair by washing it often and following up with a heat tool to finish the job. Have you noticed your beautiful, thick mane transform into a stringy mess filled with dry split ends? Seeing unwanted flaws in the flow of your hairstyle can ruin your whole mood for the day. But why all the damage? The damage could result from the excessive use of heat. Let’s talk about how to get textured hair without heat and improve our hair’s integrity at the same time.

Reducing Heat from your Hair

The best way to fix this issue is by reducing heat from your regimen. Though the beach waves from your crimping iron make you look like a mermaid fresh from the ocean, it usually does more harm than good. After ditching heat, you will notice less breakage and softer hair.

Textured hair without heat style

What Does “No Heat On Hair” Mean?

When you go no heat, you are eliminating most forms of heat from your styling routine. So say goodbye to your flat iron, blow dryer, and curling iron. Say hello to a healthy mane that is bouncy and easy to style.

Substitute Your Blow Dryer

Instead of spending mornings with your blow dryer in hand, you might have to settle for dry shampoo and scrunching. First, relieve yourself of the relationship with your heating tools as much as possible before you do irreparable damage. Then, quality and density can improve.

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Why Your Hair Should Avoid Heat

Heat breaks down the hydrogen (water) bonds in your hair. So even if you use a heat protectant, extreme temperatures could still damage the disulfide bonds. When disulfide bonds break, keratin can chain to move around. Basically, heat causes damage to the bonds of your hair.

The Science Behind It

The bond chains shift into a temporarily straight position, and when they get wet, they should revert to their original state. However, that’s not always the case. You, too, may have experienced wash day nightmares where your hair does not have the same volume and shine as before the flat ironing process.

Consider Deep Conditioners

You can use products like deep conditioners that have the purpose of restoring. Deep conditioners are beneficial for health and appearance. However, if your hair still seems damaged after multiple treatments, it could be time to cut it off and begin a healthy no-heat journey.

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What Is Meant By Adding Texture To Your Hair

When you add texture, you add body and visual separation to the strands. Texturing is an excellent alternative for thin or fine hair because it creates volume.

Texturing is an Excellent Alternative for Thin or Fine Hair Because it Creates Volume

For short styles, you can use mousse. For mildly straight, you can use texturing spray. If you have unruly curly locks, you can use serums or braids and buns to get textured hair without heat.

Consistent trims and layering add the illusion of volume. It is a great idea to get rid of your strand’s dead ends caused by heat damage and low moisture. Trust and believe; your scalp will thank you.

Textured hair without heat braid

How Can You Add Texture To Your Hair Without Heat

The most cost-efficient method is braiding. You will have voluminous locks with an added wavy effect. Oh, and a whole lot of texture!

Another way to textured hair without heat is a good texturizing spray. Just a few quick and easy sprays are enough for effortless texture.

A Few Quick and Easy Sprays Are Enough for Effortless Texture

You could also use dry shampoo and scrunching to add more volume and dimensions. Dry shampoo soaks up oils and sweat. Most of them smell great and clean your scalp in the process.

You Really Don’t Need Hot Tools

These are a few of the best options to use when you drop heat from your regimen. None of these methods require a blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron, or hot comb.

Textured hair without heat products

The Best Products For Getting Textured Hair Without Heat

There are lots of great products to get textured hair without heat. One notable entry is Bumble’s Bb. Don’t Blow It (Fine), Air Styler. We like it because it gives you that air-dried look with a product-free feel. It’s super easy to use. For best results, work a small amount through towel-dried hair. Squeeze and twist to enhance texture. Also, think about hair thickening products.

 Done Yet Undone Texture

Bb. Texture creme gives you that done-yet-undone tousled texture with a bit of grit, lift, and matte finish.

Bb. Surf is Another Good One

The Surf Styling Leave In from Bumble and bumble not only conditions but also detangles and fights frizz. With Surf, you can achieve soft, seaswept waves wherever you go. All you need to do is work it evenly into towel-dried hair, leave-in, and go.

Textured hair without heat styling tools

How To Style Your Mane Without Heat

You might be hesitant about dropping your curling iron. Few things can replace a good curl. However, we can assure you that there are indeed options you can use to replace heat.

Air Drying is Always Ideal

The first option is air drying. Whenever the weather is warm, consider drying your hair on the way to work or school. Air drying is the most low-maintenance styling option; finish with a leave-in conditioner and brush until you get your desired look.

Braids are Great Too

The next option is to add water, a conditioner, and a braid. Braids are easy volume a great way to get textured hair without heat. Braid your hair wet and let it dry overnight. When you take your braid out in the morning, you can brush it out or leave the waves unbothered.

Before Bed

You could also wrap your locks before bed so that you can have untangled strands in the morning. Wrapping allows you to get up, brush, and go. But, of course, your friends will wonder how you got your strands so straight without a flat iron.

Textured hair without heat airdry

It’s Not Easy to Get Textured Hair without Heat, but Worth It

When you change your mane care regimen from using heat every day to not as often, it will not be easy. Initially, your hair will seem dry. However, once you begin using oils, deep conditioners, and air drying products, your mane becomes rejuvenated and restored. Brand new again.

Ignoring the need to give heat a break could get you into a terrible hair situation. So try some of the recommended methods and watch your hair flourish. If you ever have any questions regarding how to get textured hair without heat, feel free to ask in a comment below, or schedule a free consultation with one of our hair stylists today.