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How to Protect Hair in Summer

Updated December 1, 2022

Hair has been the crown of humans for decades. It is a source of pride, and many hold it in high esteem. But during summer, you will face your hair’s greatest enemy. The weather becomes warmer. In specific locations, the heat results in drier conditions. As a result, droughts may sometimes occur during this hot, dry time of the year when water is in low supply. Today, we cover how to protect hair in summer.

Heat waves, which are sweltering weather with temperature surges, may also occur throughout the summer, depending on geographical location. Because of the beautiful weather, unlimited fun, and school vacation, this is many people’s favorite season of the year. It is the ideal setting for outdoor activities.

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Does Summer Affect Your Hair?

The summer heat takes a toll on your skin and hair in equal measure. Just as you apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the effects of UV rays and sun-induced stress factors, your hair will also require some extra care to protect hair in summer from it becoming frizzy and brassy.

Processed Hair Needs Extra Summer Care

Colored hair will be the first to show the signs of summer heat effects though even hair that isn’t colored dries out. As a result, the hair shafts outer layer or smooth cuticle becomes rough. If your hair is naturally dry, it’ll get worse during summer, swelling up and spreading in all directions, making it difficult to have a smooth, neat finish. The question is, why? The answer is dehydrated hair absorbs excess atmospheric humidity, causing the shaft to expand and produce cuticle splits.

If Your Hair Is Naturally Dry, It’ll Get Worse During Summer

But it’s not all gloom. There are ways to curb these effects through certain natural practices without the use of harsh chemicals.

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Is It Normal to Lose Hair in Summer?

Losing hair during summer happens to many, especially if your hair is color-treated or prone to tangling. You’ll find there’s quite a bit of hair remaining on your comb when you brush your hair. Additionally, consider wearing loose hairstyles as tight ones tend to pull hair, causing breakage.

Does Sun Damage Hair Follicles?

Although the sun does not cause thinning hair, it can harm your scalp and hair by destroying the structure and depleting protective oils. In addition, sun exposure causes thinning hair by causing a chemical called superoxide, which causes hair follicles to transition from the growing stage to the shedding cycle.

Signs Of Sun-Damaged Hair

There are several ways to tell if your hair has been damaged by the sun. A quick tell-tale sign will be split ends and drying out. You will also notice that your strands are brittle, dry, and break off easily, causing thinning. Frizziness and discoloration for recently color-treated hair are other confirmatory signs.

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How To Protect Hair in Summer from Damage

To keep your hair healthy and hydrated during summer, you’ll need to apply a lightweight leave-in treatment that’ll work on your scalp and your strands. A preferable product has UVB and UVA filters for extra protection. In addition, using a nourishing oil to keep your hair hydrated, especially after rinsing it out after a swim, will be beneficial.

Consider a weekly hair mask application to prevent dry ends. A hair mask will prevent damage from occurring and reverse the effects of sun exposure. In addition, wearing a hat is almost inevitable to protect hair in summer, a practice that is not only good for safeguarding your skin from UV rays but your hair too.

A Hair Mask Will Prevent Damage From Occurring and Reverse the Effects of Sun Exposure

Ensure not to over-wash your hair as its natural oils offer protection from the sun. Instead, reduce your shampoo sessions, wash hair only when necessary, and as a routine practice to help keep your hair clean without stripping all moisture out of your hair cuticles and scalp.

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What Does Chlorine Do to Your Hair?

Your hair requires some of its natural oil to stay smooth and healthy. However, the metals and chemicals in chlorine pools will disrupt the natural oils in your hair, leaving it damaged, harsh, and dry. In addition, chlorine may induce chemical reactions within your hair, causing it to lose its natural color, break ends, and hurt each hair strand.

Summer Heat Dries Up Natural Hair Oils

This disturbance might cause significant dryness of your scalp. When your scalp dries up, the hair follicles lose the nutrients and oils they require to function correctly. If the process continues, the strands might become destroyed, causing them to wither and become unable to contain hairshafts.

When Your Scalp Dries Up, the Hair Follicles Lose the Nutrients and Oils They Require to Function Correctly

Chlorine-damaged hair is dehydrated and frizzy, particularly around the ends. It will also easily entangle. After swimming, you may notice that your hair becomes green. This hue is created by copper oxidized by chlorine and not by the actual presence of chlorine. When it absorbs into your hair, it gives it a subtle green tint.

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How To Fix Chlorine Damaged Hair

Rinse hair entirely right away, with the intent to remove as many chemicals as possible. After that, shampoo with a swimmer’s shampoo or clarifying shampoo. To put moisture and protect hair in summer, use an excellent conditioner, regardless of whether it is a leave-in or a rinse-out conditioner.

Use Oils and Conditioners to Protect Hair in Summer

Replenish your hair’s protein stripped out by chlorine to help rebuild and repair your hair’s natural strength. Coconut oil is excellent for improving chlorine-damaged hair. Before swimming, as a precautionary measure, use a conditioner to protect the hair follicles and prevent the copper from attaching itself. Also, wet your hair with water before taking a dip to reduce the attachment of chlorinated water to your hair.

Deep Conditioners Always Help Too

Additionally, you can try massaging your scalp with essential oil in addition to an ordinary and deep conditioner. Regular deep conditioning will not only smooth frizzy split ends but will help to seal in moisture, keeping your hair hydrated. All hair follicles require an appropriate quantity of nutrients to develop. A message will revitalize the scalp by boosting blood flow, strengthen the roots, protect hair in summer, and – as an added benefit – calm you!

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Summer Hair Growth Tips

Treating your hair with an extra touch of tender loving care will get it back to its lustrous ways in no time, no matter the weather.

Best to Start the Summer With a Hair Trim to Rid Your Hair of Any Split Ends

More hairs in the anagen, or growth stage, cause hair to grow quicker in the summer. Therefore, it would be best to start the summer with a hair trim to rid your hair of any split ends.

Also, as diligently as you apply sunscreen, ensure to make it a habit to use hair care products that provide a UV filter to protect hair in summer from sun rays and prevent color-treated hair from discoloring. Additionally, consider wearing a hat to protect your hair, skin, ears, and scalp, safeguarding not only your hair but keeping skin cancer at bay too.Protect Hair in Summer hair heat tools

Avoid Hot Styling Tools When Able

Allow your hair to dry out naturally, and avoid hot styling tools such as flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons, and hair dryers. A quick tip to have manageable hair in the morning is to wash it before going to bed, wrapping it at the top of your head in a bun or ponytail, and voila! You’ll have nice wavy hair in the morning.

Before You Go Swimming

Before swimming, whether in a pool or the ocean, saturate your hair strands with a leave-in conditioner or clean water to prevent pool chemicals and saltwater absorption. Immediately after your swim, thoroughly rinse out your hair with clean water. Always keep your hair well maintained to ensure it is healthy, giving it ideal conditions for growth.

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How Can I Hydrate My Hair in Summer?

Because the sun dries out hair, depleting natural hydration, it is best to carry out a few beneficial practices to protect hair in summer that will ensure your hair remains healthy and hydrated. One of the simplest and most convenient ways to achieve this is by using leave-in deep conditioning formulas. Not only do they make your hair more manageable to style, but they also add volume to your hair roots.

Pre-treatment with a hair SPF (sun protection factor) spray could also help protect hair in summer and guard against some scalp skin cancers. SPF is a scientific metric. It illustrates how much less the risk of tissue damage is as a result of using sunscreen.

Staying Hydrated is Important for Your Hair Too

Other good practices to cater to your hair concerns include: Brushing slowly and carefully, avoiding hot styling tools, using a shampoo that moisturizes, covering up your hair, and drinking lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking water has a positive impact on both your skin and your hair.

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How Many Times Should I Wash My Hair in Summer?

How many times you should wash your hair in the summer is dependant on individuals and will vary from person to person. Frequent washing depletes your scalp’s natural oils, so avoiding this encourages extra oil production, which in turn gives you the urge to wash more frequently.

Only if You’re Active

Suppose you engage in activities that make you sweat a lot, or your scalp is flaking and itching, or perhaps, your hair is visibly oily. In that case, you will need to wash it every three to four days. Pay attention to the hair products you are using. Let your hair dry out naturally during summer, thus avoiding heat tools.

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Summer Hair Care Products

The summer hair care products you decide to use could achieve a lovely covetable texture or repair damaged hair. Identify products that will give you the shine and luster you desire, alongside providing instant hydration to your hair. For instance:

  • Treat Hair Hydration Set — This Bumble and Bumble hair product is part of the famous Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Collection. The set contains Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, and UV/Heat Protective Primer. These products combine well together to keep your hair hydrated, detangled, smooth and soft. They also reduce frizz.
  • Suncare For Hair Set — This product set provides the perfect balance of hydration and perfection, protecting your hair against UV damage. The pack contains UV/Heat Protective Primer, which helps to condition and protect dry, brittle hair, detangle and reduce frizz. It also includes a leave-in conditioner for added protection to your hair against the sun’s drying effects, de-frizzing, and detangling while hydrating.
  •  Bb.Bond-Building Repair Shampoo — After sun exposure, this product by Bumble and Bumble will help build new bonds which strengthen your strands. It is a luxe, refreshing cleanser that you can daily.
  •  Bb.Bond-Building Repair Trio — This 3-in-1 combination in a pack offers you the ultimate repair Shampoo, Conditioner, and Treatment. This product is especially ideal for color-treated and heat-styled hair as it strengthens your hair, improves elasticity, and adds shine and luster. Using the combination of this set will keep your hair adequately hydrated, smooth, firm, detangled, and it will help to de-frizz all effects of the summer sun.

There are a plethora of products on the market ideal for your hair concerns during summer. However, you will need to check out which ingredients work best for you based on your hair type and the results you intend to achieve.