Teasy Balayage with Elena Hansen

Updated November 15, 2022

Love the balayage but let’s get to know you first. Who are you and what made you want to be a hair stylist?

Hi! My name is Elena. I started as an assistant at The Hair Standard and am now a stylist. I love everything about hair. I knew since I was young it’s what I wanted to do. I was always that girl who did all of my friend’s hair for prom and homecoming. It’s all about this distinct feeling when a client looks in the mirror at the end of a service and has a smile and special spark in their eyes. They see themselves a little bit better, and I had a hand in that.

That is beautiful. What are your favorite services to do?

I especially love doing braids, hair extensions and anything with updos or texture. And of course color. Really, it’s anything that can transform ordinary hair into something with movement and dimension. Hair is life, and I like to give life to hair.

Braids by Elena Hansen
Braids and color by Elena Hansen from our Instagram

What do we see in this teasy balayage video?

Magic being made! Haha. We see my beautiful client Lisa who I’ve been friends with forever and servicing her hair needs for about five years. It’s a teasy balayage with the end goal being a subtle color that has the look of a Californian surfer girl with sunkissed highlights provided by being at the beach all day. I wanted color so natural it looked as if I was never there.

Why do you tease the hair?

We tease the hair to create a seamless blend without any hint of a blunt line. The technique is somewhat unique. The idea is it pulls some hair out and away from the color so when everything comes backs together, there is a natural blend of highlights and base hair. You could say it’s kind of a hybrid balayage hair-painting foil technique, haha.

Teasing the hair for the teasy balayage
Teasing the hair to create a more subtle blend

That’s really cool, how long of a service is this?

On average, the service usually takes around two hours, but if it’s someone with a lot of thick, beautiful hair, like Lisa in the video, it could take up to three hours.

The maintenance saves time

One great thing about a color service like this is the low maintenance. The look will last you 4-6 months instead of 4-6 weeks because of the natural grow out. So while a balayage might have you spending a bit more time in the chair, you don’t have to visit us in the salon as much. Unless you want to of course.

Bronde Teasy Balayage Highlights
Beautiful and natural teasy balayage highlights

And how much would you charge on average? What factors increase cost?

Our salon base price is $200. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair it may cost more. So again for Lisa, who has a very long and thick hair, and needs more bleach, toner, product, and time, it would be closer to $250-275.

Complicated bronde braid by Elena Hansen
Elena’s braids are second to none

That braid though. What is that?

That braid is like a bohemian twisted half updo braid? I’m not sure, haha. It only takes about ten minutes to do, and it’s really cute. It can be loose and dressed down or classy and dressed up.