Taylor Dougherty

Taylor has three loves in her life. Her hometown, hair, and the family. Taylor is a born and raised Vegas girl. When not creating art in the salon, her best spent time is with her family.


  • Balayage
  • Highlighs
  • Vivids Colors
Taylor Doughtery The Hair Standard Las Vegas laying on grass

Early Days

Throughout high school, Taylor had a love for styling and changing her hair. As a dedicated student, she was able to complete high school with an associate’s degree.

Marketing or Hair

At this point, she had a tough decision to make. Marketing or hair. Her mom told her, “You have to market yourself in hair!” Those words would shape her future. She went to cosmetology school and instantly knew hair was the career for her.

Keeping Up With The Trends 

Taylor loves how her passion for hair can make people feel confident. And, in turn, more passionate about themselves. She also enjoys keeping up with all the trends and how they go in and out of style.

Taylor Doughtery The Hair Standard Las Vegas vivid hair

Vivid Colors

Taylor enjoys fun fantasy colors. While some find the blank slate intimidating, Taylor loves a freshly lightened head of hair. It’s her canvas. She lets loose, and her creativity flows. The freedom allows her to find a connection to the client’s character.

Taylor Doughtery The Hair Standard Las Vegas highlighted hair


On the flip side of fantasy, Taylor adores blondes. In fact, her clientele consists of primarily ashy blondes. Ashy blondes are as technically tricky as vivids. And, both are about trust. She finds joy in trusting the process and having her clients trust in her.

Taylor Doughtery The Hair Standard Las Vegas Balayage Hair


Taylor also loves a good balayage. Being able to brighten her clients up makes her happy. The results of her balayage services are always stunning, so we can’t blame her for loving them so much!

The Three

Taylor comes from a large family. So, seven days a week, they are up to something crazy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a food competition or a family vacation; they are having a blast. For her, it’s all about the big three—hair, Vegas, and family.

Maybe There’s More

Ok, maybe it’s the big six. We can’t forget food, cars, and Disney. But, it’s all the same thing—family quality time. When not behind the hair, weekends are spent at Disney, car shows, or trying new restaurants around town.