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Partial highlights work best when your current color isn't dark or as a retouch for your last full highlight. A rule of thumb, the back of your hair isn't dark, get a partial.

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Partial Highlights Vs Full Highlights

Has your stylist ever asked whether you want full highlights or partial highlights? The type you need depends on your hair and desired lightness. Partial highlights work best when your current color isn’t dark or as a retouch for your last full highlight. A rule of thumb, the back of your hair isn’t dark, get a partial.

When Full Highlights Make Better Sense

We recommend full highlights if you desire an all over blonde look. If the back of your hair is dark, you need full highlights.

How Much do Partial Highlights Cost?

Partial highlights like any service depend on your hair, desires, and stylist. Our starting prices are a reliable estimate for most clients. Things like how much hair you have and the lightness you’d like to achieve in a single session increase the needed product and time. Likewise, these factors contribute to cost.

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What is Maintenance Like?

Depending on the application, this method may be high maintenance. Again, we typically alternate between partial and full highlights to maintain contrast and touch up your roots. A lower maintenance hair color method to consider is balayage highlights.

Balayage Vs Partial Highlights

Balayage is the method of painting in highlights; usually with a brush. It’s also our most requested color service. Balayage can provide the appearance of natural, lived in highlights with trademark sun-kissed pieces framing the face. However, balayage is quite capable of bolder looks ranging from color melts to vivid unicorn hair. If you have a recent reference picture, it might just be balayage. Talk to a stylist today.

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Product Recommendations

Highlights aren’t cheap. Make sure to protect your investment. Color-treated hair requires extra moisture and conditioning to stay healthy. Especially with the frequent touch-ups of partial highlights. We are a Bumble and bumble dedicated salon and carry a focused line of hydration products.

Our Top Product Picks for Partial Highlights

Exact shampoo and conditioner recommendations depend on your hair. Must-haves for moisture include Hair Dresser’s Invisible Oil Masque and While You Sleep.

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