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Kenzie Crowell

Kenzie is a workaholic. We are happy she settled with hair to be a part of the THS family for the long haul. Kenzie is family-oriented and loves having a yummy barbecue with her family.

Services & Starting Prices for Kenzie

Fantasy Colors Free Consultation
Blow Out $45+
Men's Haircut $35+
Women's Haircut $55+
Root Touch Up $65+
Bleach Retouch $150+
Color Correction $100/hr+
Full Highlights $150+
Single Color $95+
Partial Highlights $105+
Hair Extensions Free Consultation
Balayage $200+

Recent Reviews for Kenzie

I have found my new salon!!!

"I absolutely loved my experience at the Hair Standard!!! Very classy and clean and everyone was very positive and nice!! Kenzie did an amazing job with my highlights!! I have found my new salon and will definitely stick with Kenzie!!!"
Jen F. | yelp
"This salon was great! Kenzie was amazing! She gave me very informative information regarding my hair. I would highly recommend"
Amanda. B. | yelp

This salon is absolutely amazing!

"This salon is absolutely amazing! The atmosphere is so inviting. As soon as you walk in the front desk makes sure to assist you. Kenzie has always been so incredibly patient with me and my constant changing ideas for my hair, there's a reason I keep coming back. "
Katie. G. | google
"The Hair Standard is amazing and everyone is very positive and professional. Kenzie is my new girl, she did an amazing job with my highlights!!"
Jen F. | google
Kenzie Crowell The Hair Standard Las Vegas high school graduate

High School Dreams

Kenzie’s love for hair stems from her high school days. In high school, she had an eye for doing hair and makeup. But not just any hair and makeup. Halloween hair and makeup. She could do almost anything, but the details of a good skeleton are her favorite.

Kenzie Crowell The Hair Standard Las Vegas wedding

A Cousinly Hero

Growing up, Kenzie looked up to her cousin, also a hairstylist. But not just any cousin. The coolest cousin. “She was that funky, spunky cousin that was always a blast to be around. I wanted to be just like her.” Fun fact: To this day, Kenzie has never told her cousin any of this; she has no idea about the influence she had on Kenzie.

Kenzie Crowell The Hair Standard Las Vegas mirror selfie

Work, Work, and More Work

Ask Kenzie what she is doing tomorrow, and the answer is likely, “work.” Kenzie is a working machine. She loves what she does, and she loves to stay busy. In the early days of her career, when she was assisting and hair wasn’t enough to pay the bills, she took a night job managing a restaurant. Her schedule consisted of Work, Work, and Work. She never slept.

These days she has more hair clients than she can handle, but even without a second job, she works more hours than ever. Being able to support herself doing the hair she loves is her proudest accomplishment. Thankfully, she has a fantastic relationship with energy drinks, and the two get each other through the longest days.

Kenzie Crowell The Hair Standard Las Vegas balayaged hair


Kenzie loves a pop of blonde. When she can help clients feel confident as they walk out of the salon, she knows she’s done her job right.

Kenzie Crowell The Hair Standard Las Vegas lived in blonde

Lived-in Blonde

She enjoys watching the toning process of an excellent lived-in blonde service. Blending roots to the ends is her favorite thing to do.

Kenzie Crowell The Hair Standard Las Vegas blonde hair

All Over Blondes

Kenzie likes to tone all over bleaches. It is a challenge every time, so it gets her brain working, and there is a certain satisfaction in getting it right.

Family Time

When Kenzie is not behind the chair, she is nine times out of ten with her family. She has a rare and lasting relationship with her parents. She tends to save the dramatic conversations for her mom and goofs off with her dad. Speaking of, the whole family shares dad’s love for hiking, and they travel to go on hikes together. They go anywhere Kenzie can take her dogs. During hikes, they start the trail talking and laughing, but as the morning turns to afternoon, everyone quiets down to enjoy nature.