Veronika Slamova

Veronika wanted to do hair since she was a young girl in Czechoslovakia. At the time, her parents rejected the idea. They planned for her to be a doctor. With a lot to prove, Veronika left medical school and never looked back.

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  • Haircuts
  • Balayage
  • Color Correction
  • Extensions

Passion is Contagious

Veronika always had her hands in her sister’s hair. A girl who was known for having the best braids in school. However, as a young woman in the 90’s Czech Republic, hair was not a lucrative career path. Her parents disapproved. With an impassioned plea, she explained to them the science behind hair and vowed to prove it. These days, her parents are two of her biggest fans. When asked how she changed their minds, Veronika said, “passion is contagious.”

Making a Move to America

One chilly Chicagoan winter in 2005, Veronika moved to America. In her words, “I had the immigrant dream to live my life freely.” She has been in the United States 15 years now and feels that Vegas is her second home.

Making Her Client’s Hair Work for Them

Veronika is one of our most highly reviewed stylists. It’s because of the pride she takes in every single service. Veronika always strives for each client to leave with hair perfectly catered to their lifestyle. She explains some clients want a dramatic change but are usually just struggling with their type of hair. Whether it’s too thick, too thin, or have a cowlick in a difficult place. Veronika loves to give ideas and help people find their true selves.

yelp | Lindsay L.
“I love this place! The location is perfect, the inside as well decorated and very luxe-feeling. The staff is very kind and welcoming and full of smiles. My stylist/colorist/extension-ist is Veronika and she's THE BEST. Look no further, she will put true authentic care and work into every single visit. I have never left unhappy. She's incredibly sweet and easy to talk to as well!”
google | Kelli F.
“I cannot say enough amazing things about Veronika! She listened, consulted, advised, and delivered far better than what I could have imagined! I am over the moon pleased with her work and she is an absolute delight to be around. I came to her from a recommendation from a friend. I have had horrible blonde experiences in my past so when I came to Veronika - I needed my blonde hair color completely recolored a different shade. I am so happy with her work and will continue to go back to her!!”
yelp | Alexis H.
“The best salon I have been to date. Veronika gave me the best haircut I had in while. I look great and Veronika was great to work. She was super nice and knew what she was doing. I definitely recommend!”
yelp | Vidhi A.
“I got my hair colored by Veronika at The Hair Standard. She did a wonderful job. I reached out to her prior to my appointment as I was looking for ammonia-free permanent hair color to cover my grays. When I went in for the appointment, Veronika introduced me to Oligo by Calura hair color which is 100% Ammonia-free and PPD-free and it contains organic essences and keratin. I loved my hair after I walked out of the salon. Will definitely go back here to do my root touch-ups with this amazing product. Thank you Veronika.”

Like Many Stylists, She Avoided Cutting

A lot of stylists avoid cuts. Veronika, too, saw herself as more of a colorist. Over time it bothered her that she was unable to help people with their styling needs. She decided to dedicate herself to cuts.

Understanding Shape

Her dedication led her to the ZGAT Academy, where she met Mario Mesaric. Mario taught her there isn’t one technique of cutting hair. It comes from an understanding of face and shape. Once you understand shape, cutting is more about how you achieve it. Veronika practices this philosophy every day, and it has helped shaped her talent for cutting.

Protecting Your Hair

Veronika is a hair health evangelist. She says, “I always try to protect hair. I often see people coming to me with overbleached and damaged hair. It makes me sad. I like to use techniques like 3D balayage or air-touch to lighten hair healthily.”

Fundamental Color Theory

As a girl, Veronika loved to paint. In her hair career, a natural sense of color theory helps her keep hair color natural and healthy. For her, an understanding of underlying pigments is critical to avoid over-processing.

An Active Soul & Dog Lover

When not behind the chair, you will find Veronika on the trail. Whether running, hiking, or taking a serene moment to practice yoga. However, you will never see her alone. The loves of Veronika’s life are her two dogs Bobik and Sharik. They love to visit Mt. Charleston together and let nature recharge their batteries.