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Taylor Johnson

At her core, Taylor is a family woman and her mom's mini-me. She has a dry wit and no-nonsense attitude that perfectly matches her talent and formidable work ethic.

Services & Starting Prices for Taylor

Blow Out $45+
Women's Haircut $65+
Root Touch Up $75+
Color Correction $100/hr+
Full Highlights $200+
Single Color $120+
Partial Highlights $120+
Hair Extensions Free Consultation
Balayage $200+

Recent Reviews for Taylor

"Taylor J did an awesome job. Happy client here"
M.E. | google
"This salon is beautifully set up, and Taylor J is a wonderful stylist. She is the full package. Really knows how to give a beautiful cut, but also knows how to handle color issues as well"
Jan. N. | google

Taylor cut my hair and I've never been happier!

"Taylor cut my hair last week and I've never been happier! She was so fantastic. I will be referring others and also becoming a regular client of hers. Very impressed with your salon and Taylor. Thank you!"
Erica. B. | google
"Absolutely love my haircut! Every single time I get my hair cut I feel as excited as the first time bc Taylor is amazing! Thanks again Taylor!"
Margarita. S. | google
"This was my first time at The Hair Standard and I had a great experience. The salon was beautiful and my stylist Taylor J. was wonderful! I showed her a picture of the color I wanted to get to and she provided me with great expectations of what we could obtain!"
Ashley. W. | google
"Taylor was awesome! I loved this place!"
Katie. W. | google

love how Taylor beautifies my hair each and every time.

"Booked first appointment back in May for mother's day gift... Hooked ...Taylor awesome always fast and love how you beautify my hair each and every time... You guys are so professional and place is clean and yes you guys set a THE Hair Standard!!! Highly recommended."
Elisa. G. | yelp
"I go to Taylor, and she does a wonderful job with my hair. She's personable and pleasant to hang with during the couple of hours it takes to get my hair done. She listens really well and will confirm a couple times the goals of the visit so you get exactly where I want."
Alex J. | yelp
Taylor Johnson The Hair Standard Las Vegas selfie

Business or Hair?

Taylor went to college for business but quickly realized it wasn’t for her. She needed something to fuel her creative fire—anything where she got her hands a little dirty. But Taylor still loved the idea of growing a business. She didn’t like the formal bits. “But what about growing a hair business?” she thought to herself.

Taylor Johnson The Hair Standard Las Vegas hair school graduation

Path To Hair

Taylor knew a few students at a Paul Mitchell beauty school. They were excited about what they were learning and the possibilities of hair. They pushed Taylor to check it out, and she scheduled a tour. In an instant, she knew it was for her. Taylor thoroughly enjoyed her time in hair school. It was there that she made a lot of connections and lifelong friends.

Taylor assisted both Sam and Chelsea during her time in the assistant program. She learned many things from them but most importantly, client retention and being personable is essential. She is the stylist she is today because of her time as an assistant.

Taylor Johnson The Hair Standard Las Vegas blonde hair


During Taylor’s hair education journey, she mastered the art of blonding. Not only did she master it, but she also found a deep love for it. From placement to color theory, blonding is her favorite.

Taylor Johnson The Hair Standard Las Vegas balayaged hair


Taylor is all about a good transformation. She feels she can get the best transformation from a balayage service. It doesn’t even have to be a blonde one. Any balayage transformation is a good hair day.

Taylor Johnson The Hair Standard Las Vegas blonde blend


While a bold balayage transformation is exciting, Taylor loves the seamless, subtle side of a good blend. The art of blending and creating soft looks for her clients is just as satisfying.

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Taylor Johnson The Hair Standard Las Vegas hike
Taylor Johnson The Hair Standard Las Vegas cats

Lilo and Stitch

When Taylor is not at the salon, you could find her traveling, hanging out outdoors, or being with her family. Taylor loves the beach. She wants to see all the world’s great beaches. Taylor can’t wait to travel to the shores of Fiji, Bali, and Tahiti. If Taylor takes a day from all her adventures, she hangs out with her two cats, Lilo and Stitch.