Natalie Pittman

A punk rock princess with a calming charisma, Natalie is a bad-add blonding stylist with skills to pay the bills.

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Rock N Roll

When Natalie was 14, she fell in love with rock n roll. Through music, she discovered her self-expression. Then, Natalie realized herself through hair and style. She began coloring everyone’s hair in all the fun fashion colors. It was during those early punk rock years she discovered she had a knack for doing hair.

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What’s Senior Year?

Natalie was born in Southern California. Her dad was in the US Marine Corps, and they moved all over the place. Since she could never stay in one place or find her roots, Natalies wanted to be done with high school as soon as possible.

Let’s Get Down to Business

When she was a junior, she decided to test out of school and start her hair journey. At the time, her parents weren’t thrilled but still supportive. These days, they know she made the right decision.

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Life in Hair

After graduating from hair school, Natalie assisted in a Vidal Sasson salon in San Diego. In this program, she had to choose between color and cutting. Natalie naturally gravitated toward color. She spent the first seven years behind the chair, only focused on color.

The Full Look

Natalie loves color. It’s her first love. But, she hated passing on clients to someone else to complete their look. So she spent the next several years of her career learning the ins and outs of cutting. These days the most satisfying part of her career is taking a client’s transformation from start to finish.

Natalie Pittman The Hair Standard Las Vegas teasylight blonde hair


Natalie loves teasylights because she can choose the placement and saturation of the lightener. With so much precision, she can get the exact subtle or bold look she wants.

Natalie Pittman The Hair Standard Las Vegas balayaged blonde hair


A balayage gives Natalie complete creative freedom. But mostly, it’s about giving her client a lived-in look with a softer grow-out. She also enjoys the creative process of a hand-painted balayage.

Natalie Pittman The Hair Standard Las Vegas extensions


Natalie always exclaims how incredible extensions are. She calls extensions “a push-up bra for the hair.” Extensions can fill in thinner spots or give someone a brand new look.

Mom Life

When Natalie is not behind the chair, she is a full-time mom. You could find her playing in the park or cooking in the kitchen. And, of course, pumping up the rock n roll while cleaning. So much cleaning. She also loves traveling and finding new places to explore with the kids. Superhero mom, right?