Jessica Cannon

Jessica always knew she would be a hair-stylist. Her mom is a stylist, her dad is a musician, and her sister does hair too. Everyone in her family draws, sings, and is into photography. Creativity is part of her heritage.


  • Color
  • Makeup
  • Women's Haircuts
  • Color Corrections

Hair as a Selfish Act

For some, doing hair is about how it makes the client feel. While that’s part of it, it’s not the entire appeal for Jessica. For her, doing great hair is about how it makes her feel. She loves corrections and big color transformations. When asked, Jessica said, “It’s all about self-satisfaction. Like, look at what I can do!” And, she can really do it all.

yelp | Erin L.
“Ms. Jessica Canon is a true artist..scratch that I swear that woman is a magician as she absolutely transformed my mane and made me feel like a cross between a million bucks and a majestic unicorn with flowers in its mane. I took to Instagram for weeks looking through various salon/hair artist's work. I'm very hesitant about most people touching my hair & I honestly at times have felt really unsatisfied with my hair and to add insult to injury it was generally accompanied by a pretty hefty price tag. Thus over the past few years I had taken to Groupon to get my hair done. Jessica was the first hairdresser I decided I wanted to work on my hair that I hadn't found through Groupon. I put money aside each week to cover what I thought was going to be over $300 worth of work. Didn't matter, her portfolio blew me away and I was determined to have my hair done by her.”

Making it in Make-up

Almost more than hair, Jessica loves doing make-up. For a long time, her dream was to work in movies and photography. And, for a while, she did. Then, family happened, and Jessica settled down. These days she does freelance make-up and arranges her own photoshoots [absolutely incredible ones] to fill the creative void.

jessica cannon with family

Family is First

These days, Jessica’s family is number one. She loves to rave and complain about her crazy, hilarious kids. Some of the best stories on Instagram are Jessica’s kids being silly.

Can’t Stop Creating

If not doing hair, make-up, shooting photos, or being a top-tier mom, Jessica is working on her clothing line. Jessica, like most stylists, expresses herself through appearance. But, as a tall girl, the struggle is real. She aims to solve that problem by making clothes for women like her.