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Finding the Best Men's Haircut in Las Vegas

It used to be easy to find a decent cut. These days you have more options. Go for pure convenience and locate the nearest Supercuts, attempt one of several men-focused sports salons, or discover a barbershop. That said, the distinction between salon and barbershop has blurred. Some of the best barbers in the world are not only women, but cosmetologists, and not in-fact barbers. Let’s talk cost, consistency, and product.

Be Careful with Cheap and Convenient Cuts

Maybe you frequent your corner Supercuts and get exceptional service without issue. It’s possible. Every hair stylist has to start somewhere, and a lot begin there. However eventually, your stylist will leave to further their career. Corner salons might be cheap and convenient but finding a stylist you can stick with is difficult.

Getting Consistent Men’s Haircuts

Two reasons you should find a stylist and stick with them, consistency and efficiency. As we get to know your hair better, your cut gets better, and we get faster. It’s that simple.

How Much Do Men's Haircuts Cost?

With any service, the cost depends on your hair, what you want, and the stylist you choose. Men’s haircuts can be easier to predict, and our starting prices cover most requests. If you are looking for a zero fade or something more exotic, anticipate a longer time in the chair with higher cost. Prepare ahead of time by gathering pictures of styles you like and taking a few shots of your current hair. With these in hand, talk to us, and together we can better calculate the cost.

Men's Haircuts silver hair long on top

How Often Do I Need to Come In?

Do you love coming to the salon to get haircuts? If you do, you’re a rare man. The best men’s haircuts last long after leaving the salon. Maintenance also comes down to sticking with a stylist you love, so you get the most out of each cut. On average you will visit every three to six weeks. It depends on how fast your hair grows and how long you’re willing to let it get.

Three Products Right For Most Men

Bumble and bumble Full Potential hair preserving product line

Full Potential Hair Preserving Shampoo

Thinning hair is real. Real common. Bumble and Bumble make a fantastic shampoo, conditioner, and booster-spray proven to preserve hair by 46%. Full Potential is a product for thinning hair that takes the issue seriously.

Bumble and bumble sumotech for men's styles and hold

Sumotech, The Must-Have Hair Product

Sumotech is one product every man should own. Not a wax, gel, or creme, but a mixture of all three. The result is perfect hold while not feeling too stiff or rigid. It’s magic for men and comes in different variations for different holds.

Bumble and bumble grooming creme and other products

Grooming Creme for Effortless Style

Bumble and bumble Grooming Creme is the ideal product if you run your hands through your hair and keep things effortless. Grooming creme is perfect for all types of hair or for those who want dead simple styling.

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Find the Right Stylist For Your Hair Today

Men’s hair fashion shifts are faster than women’s. Some fads last a short time (man bun) while classic men’s haircuts last years with few updates. Men have a lot of options and the freedom to change often so find a stylist at The Hair Standard who can keep you fresh.

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