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Introducing Temporary Hair Color Conditioner

During a hair show, we witnessed an Evo Fabuloso Pro demonstration and became obsessed. We are Bumble and bumble dedicated (meaning we do not carry other lines.) That said, even Bumble doesn’t provide a product like this, so we do. Let’s go over what Fabuloso does, the cost, options, and the coolest part, custom take-home conditioners.

Evo Fabuloso Pro pastel pink green blonde hair

So What the Heck is Evo Fabuloso Pro?

Evo refers to Fabuloso as an intensifying color conditioner. Some call it a pigment conditioner. Either way, it’s a truly unique product and somewhat hard to find. So, what’s it do? It allows your stylist to mix any color (think rainbow bright) custom made just for you. The best part? Evo Fabuloso comes out in three to five washes.

Vivid Color Without the Commitment

Bright, vivid, rainbow hair colors are trendy. Have you pined over pastel unicorn hair but your stylist warned you not to do it? We warn people all the time. Bright blue hair is awesome but maybe not forever. With an Evo Fabuloso treatment, you can try new colors every week and let it wash out whenever you want.

Evo Fabuloso Pro peach hair and braid styles
Evo Fabuloso Pro cotton candy purple orange pink balayage hair

Color Intensifying Already Intense Hair

We mostly associate Evo Fabuloso with rich rainbow colors. However, it’s more capable than that. Evo’s beige conditioner makes a beautiful ash blonde whereas violet over dark hair adds an extra dimension. If you do have a meridian balayage painted like the ocean, their blue conditioner will keep your waves flowing pristine for longer.

The Best Part is Taking Fabuloso Home

Evo Fabuloso Pro fades after three to five washes if you let it. Alternatively, we can mix you a matching custom conditioner to take home so you can keep the color going as long as you want. Magical!

How Much Does This Service Cost?

Like all services, it depends on your hair, what you’d like to achieve, and the stylist you choose. Fabuloso is a conditioning treatment, and more product is required for thick hair. That said, our starting prices are a good baseline and cover most clients. The custom formulated take-home conditioners are only $39 at the time of this writing.

Evo Fabuloso Pro red purple green color streaks
Evo Fabuloso Pro soft silk smooth conditioning treatment

Healthy for Your Hair, Nourishes, and Repairs

Evo Hair carries a full product line other than Fabuloso. Their foremost focus is natural, healthy ingredients. With that in mind, Evo Fabuloso Pro has no ammonia or peroxide and acts as any conditioning treatment to rebalance moisture, soften, add shine, and detangle without weighing your hair down.

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Evo Fabuloso Pro is a really fun product. You can try things you might never dare with your hair. If you don’t like it, let it wash out. The Hair Standard was the first salon to carry Fabuloso and have learned a few things since. We will make you fabulous(o).

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