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Hair color emergencies are unfortunately common. You've heard the horror stories and maybe lived through one or two. Color corrects aren't just emergencies either. We can help.

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Color Corrections are Common

Hair color emergencies are unfortunately common. You’ve heard the horror stories and maybe lived through one or two. One familiar story is a daughter wanting blonde hair, dad buying box color off the shelf, and an awful ending that includes green hair and a dad in a panic. Another common one is chlorine damage.

Other Common Correction Cases

You heard about box color, but brass blondes, black brunettes, and over-processing often need a fix too. Furthermore, some color corrections are easier than others.

Your Window for Hair Repair is Brief

Color takes two to four days to set in your cuticle. If you encounter an emergency, talk to a stylist immediately. Move quick, and the possibility of a full recovery/reversal is likely.

Removing and Filling

When we lighten your hair with balayage, full highlights, or another service, color-remover is used to remove pigment from your strands. Consequently, color-remover strips protein and other essential properties required for healthy hair. We need to “fill” your stripped hair. The complexity of the correction process depends on how much damage needs filling.

Before and after showing fried hair and color correction fix

How Long Does it Take to Color Correct Hair?

The time required to color-correct hair is difficult to estimate without consultation. For complicated corrections, be wary when anyone promises overnight recovery.

It May Take Time to Recover

Often the recommended route is multiple sessions. The downside of multiple sessions is you won’t leave the salon with perfect hair the same day. The upside is you will leave with hair on your head left to save.

Perfect smooth blow out with ash blonde color correction

It Takes Multiple Sessions

Critical, irreversible damage happens when attempting too much color correction in one session. Color-remover or lightener strips essential structural properties of your hair. At that point, your only solution is a short haircut.

Calculating Time and Cost

Time and cost for color corrections are impossible to estimate without a consultation. Again, to save time, do not wait and talk to a stylist immediately.

Bumble and bumble Save the Day and While You Sleep Damage Repair products

Recommended Products

After we save your hair, make sure you protect it. Use quality salon grade products individually suited for your type of hair. We are Bumble and bumble dedicated and carry products that can be mixed and matched for anyone.

Products Recommend for Color Treated Hair

Precise shampoo and conditioner recommendations depend on your hair. Must-haves for anyone are hydrating products like Save the Day, Hair Dresser’s Invisible Oil, and a great dry shampoo like Tres Invisible.

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