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We make frizz-less and full-bodied possible by systematic piece by piece drying and sheer upper-body strength. Not to mention ionic blow dryers and a whole suite of pro products.

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Blow out hair with smooth brushed out curls

What Makes a Good Blow-Out

We make frizz-less and full-bodied possible by systematic piece by piece drying and sheer upper-body strength. Not to mention pro ionic blow dryers and a whole suite of Bumble and bumble primers / blow dry products.

Our Blow Out is a Salon Favorite

We regularly ask for your favorite salon experiences. By far, the most popular answer is the relaxing shampoo! However, a close second is our blow dry. A lot of you visit us multiple times a week just for that. The salon experience is indeed is better.

Women's Haircut Blow out thick hair with balayage highlights

How Often to Come in for a Blow-out

You might consider weekly (or multiple times a week) blowouts if you’ve ever said: “My hair is way too thick and unmanageable; I just can’t.” or “Who has the time to dry and style their hair all the time?I’m too busy.” Others want polished salon perfection more often than recurring six-week appointments.

How Long Your Blow Out Should Last

On average, blow drys lasts three to five days. With thicker or textured hair, add a few more days between services. In contrast, with finer hair, you need more maintenance.

How Much do Blow-outs Cost?

Blow-outs are like any service, and the cost depends on your hair, style, and stylist. This service especially depends on your hair thickness as dense hair takes longer to dry. Our starting prices are a good reference and cover most clients. Find a stylist you love, and as we understand your hair, we will get quicker and more efficient.

Blow-out Product Recommendations

Bumble and bumble prep primer

Prep Primer

Primer is a lightweight spray that detangles, preps your hair for styling, (and blow outs) or refreshes styles. Perfect for fine, medium, straight, or wavy hair.

Bumble and bumble grooming creme and other products

Full Form Mousse

A consistent top seller. Full form is a creamy mousse providing volume and effortless sculpting. Great for fine to medium hair and bouncy styles with sheen.

Bumble and bumble hair dresser's invisible oil

Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer

HIO Primer is magic. We can barely keep it in stock (and we order a lot!) This product works as a pre-styler and heat protectant perfect for medium to thick hair.

The Hair Standard stylist Amy Carmody doing a Babylights Balayage Service with Bumble and bumble products in background

Bb. Straight Blow Dry

A creme designed for blow drys and thick frizzy hair. This product tames fly-aways, styles smooth, and protects hair from heat and humidity. Lasts three days.

Bumble and bumble Save the Day and While You Sleep Damage Repair products

Save the Day

Relatively new and already a classic, this daily product restores hair to super soft and healthy (instantly.) It’s rich but lightweight and perfect for fine to thick hair.

Bumble and bumble While You Sleep Hair Masque Damage Repair

While You Sleep

To pair with Save the Day is While You Sleep. This product is an overnight masque that repairs damaged hair by morning and protects against future damage.

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