Hailey Woolworth

Hailey recalls a time in elementary school when she went to career day. On that day she dressed up as a "hairstyler." She knew that is what she wanted to be. At a young age, she had her mind made up. The beauty industry was calling her name.

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  • Balayage
  • Blonding
  • Extensions
  • Cutting
Hailey Woolworth The Hair Standard Las Vegas Doing Her Moms Hair

Lessons Learned Young

When Hailey was little she loved playing “hair.” Her mom, being a hairstylist herself, would teach her the right way to curl her hair. Hailey found herself doing her friend’s hair all the time. At the young age of nine, Hailey was coloring her mom’s roots on a regular basis.


Hailey’s love for the beauty industry stems from her mom because she would always do Hailey’s hair. She had grown up watching her mom become the breadwinner for the family, and she admired the freedom her mom’s career gave her to be so supportive of her kids. Following in her mom’s footsteps she became a hairstylist at The Hair Standard. They now are able to work together and bond in the one field that makes them so happy.

Hailey Woolworth The Hair Standard Las Vegas Cosmetology School Graduation

Highschool Life

In high school, Hailey knew what she wanted to do when she graduated so she basically just took the classes that were needed to get a standard diploma. She did feel pushed to go to college because, in high school, they never told her it was an option to go to a trade school. Both Hailey’s mom and dad are self-employed so she knew college was not the only option.

Cosmetology School

Right after Hailey graduated high school she went off to hair school. It all came pretty easy to her because she already had a good knowledge of the thing she was being taught. Hailey feels like made the best of her hair school education, and as soon as she graduated and passed her state boards she started the assisting program as THS.

Hailey Woolworth The Hair Standard Las Vegas with her mentor


It was perfect timing for Hailey when Lena was looking for a new assistant right when she graduated from hair school. After one interview, Lena and Hailey clicked. It was meant to be. She started with her that same day. According to Hailey, Lena was a great mentor. They became great friends but Lena taught her almost everything Hailey knows. Hailey was able to get some good hand on learning from assisting. 

Biggest Lesson

The biggest lesson that Hailey has learned is that she should never stop learning. The second you stop being a student you stop progressing. The beauty industry is constantly changing and says that if she doesn’t continue to learn she will be left behind.

Hailey Woolworth The Hair Standard Las Vegas Blonde Extensions


Hailey loves that extensions have the ability to give instant gratification. You can go into the salon with hair you don’t love, and only a couple of hours later you leave with amazingly long and luscious hair. The type of hair that makes you feel like a million bucks.

Hailey Woolworth The Hair Standard Las Vegas Highlighted Blonde Hair


Hailey says that there is so much more behind highlights than just putting bleach on someone’s head. It’s a lot hard than people give stylists credit for but that is why Hailey loves it. It’s a challenge, but she will never turn down a challenge.

Hailey Woolworth The Hair Standard Las Vegas Balayaged Blonde Hair


Hailey says that it is such a fun process as she decides on application, placement, processing, and formulating. No one’s hair is the same and she enjoys having that creative freedom.

Outside the Salon

Hailey loves to sleep. She calls herself the queen of naps. When Hailey has a day off she likes to relax and catch up from all of the long workdays. Hailey has 3 Pitbulls that she treats like her children. She loves hanging out with her boyfriend, and Lena and her husband. They enjoy the lake, bonfires, going to dinner, and watching hockey. Haileys is a die-hard Boston Redsox fan, so you can probably find her watching a game when she is not behind the chair.