Elena Hansen

Elena (aka Lena) always wanted to be a hairstylist. It took a degree in biology and almost ten years as a veterinary nurse before making the jump, but when she did, she jumped hard.


  • Blonding
  • Balayage
  • Braids
  • Extensions
elena hansen nurse

Badass Biologist & Animal Advocate

Lena grew up believing there is a traditional path to follow. Go to college, earn a degree, and get to work. So, that’s what she did. She loves animals and exploring a field that advocates for them in any way felt natural. She studied biology and used the degree to become a nationally licensed veterinary nurse. 

When the Sparkle Dulls

After seven years of veterinary nursing, and three more at a specialty center, her passion for nursing dulled. The hair world was calling, and the call was getting louder. She went to hair school and, like everything Lena does, excelled immediately.

Why Hair?

For Lena, it’s about turning someone’s day around. There is a certain satisfaction in watching someone walk in a bit run down by the world and walking out a brand new human ready for anything.

Mom Can’t Braid

Lena played volleyball her whole life. The volleyball dress code is two french braids. Her mom is a saint of a woman but can’t braid to save her life. After many lopsided braids, Lena taught herself. With a large extended family of sisters, cousins, friends, and friend’s sisters and cousins all needing similar help, got a lot of consistent hair practice on and off the court.

yelp | Jaiden T.
“Amazing salon! I had an appointment with Lena, she cut 12 inches off of my hair and made it look absolutely beautiful. She showed me how to do relaxed curls in my hair for when I do it myself, She's so sweet, had a great experience.”

Teasy Highlights with Elena

The idea is it pulls some hair out and away from the color so when everything comes backs together, there is a natural blend of highlights and base hair.

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To Know Lena is to Love Her

Lena is a sincere person to her core. She loves her family, her husband Jake, and her 11 years old golden retriever, Brego. Her favorite pastime is traveling and patiently waiting for lake season and a surfboard. And, she firmly believes there is nothing better than hot grilled cheese on a cold day.