Bailey & Blythe

Meet Bailey and Blythe. An extraordinary experience of two twin sisters and four total hands working efficiently to create gorgeous hair. The self-titled glam squad is as unique as they are talented.

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  • Blonding
  • Cutting
  • Balayage
  • Color Corrections
Bailey and Blythe Dorfmeyer The Hair Standard Las Vegas Nevada young picture

Six and Already Obsessed

Bailey and Blythe have wanted to do hair since they were six years old. Their parents gave them their first blow dryer, curling iron, and makeup kit for Christmas. They were instantly obsessed. Since then, they have dedicated their lives to hair. They declare it’s deeply rooted in their DNA.

yelp | Gloria C.
“I am so happy with my hair Bailey and Blyth are the best. I always leave feeling so confident with my new hair.”
google | Jessica T.
“The twins (Bailey and Blythe) are excellent! Super bubbly and personable, and my hair turned out great; it looks exactly like the inspo I brought in. Can’t wait for my next appointment!”
yelp | Ashley C.
“It's been a while since I've had my hair done but Bailey and Blythe did such an AMAZING job on my hair. They were also very friendly and welcoming! I'm not much of a talker but they made me feel so comfortable and they were so easy to have a conversation with.”
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Why Fix What’s Not Broken?

Working as one wasn’t always the intention—just luck. Bailey and Blythe worked at the same salon, which started some renovations. There ended up being an awkward construction moment that only left them with one station between them. They had two sets of clientele and had to figure something out.

Happy Accidents

At the time, the twins shared a car and similar schedules. So, they said to each other, “What if we combine forces and work on everyone together?” It turns out their clients loved it! There is something magical about two people efficiently working in sync.

Bailey and Blythe Dorfmeyer The Hair Standard Las Vegas Nevada piggy back ride

Lessons and Adjustments

While working together has been easy, it hasn’t been effortless. Like any good relationship, it takes patience and compromise. They each have a specific of doing something, and agreeing on which way to go was initially challenging.

The Best Pep Talks

Growing up as twins, Bailey and Blythe got good at dealing with life’s challenges together. They have mastered the sister pep talk and naturally rally behind each other, even in disagreement. Best of all, they pick up where the other one lacks!

Bailey and Blythe Dorfmeyer The Hair Standard Las Vegas Nevada blonde hair


Whether it is golden highlights or platinum balayage, they are always up for a blonding service. With double hands, they work double speed, which means beautiful hair in no time.

Bailey and Blythe Dorfmeyer The Hair Standard Las Vegas Nevada hair cut


Many stylists can do a simple hair cut in about an hour, with the twins that time can be cut in half. The talent behind their technique is incredible to watch.

Bailey and Blythe Dorfmeyer The Hair Standard Las Vegas blonde hair


A balayage is such a great way for the twins to but their creative minds together to create something beautiful. Whether it’s a blonde balayage or a brunette balayage Bailey and Blythe are your girls.

Outside the Salon

When not behind the chair, the twins love to roller skate, cuddle their pups, hang out in the pool, and sit for hours while they play games, snack, and drink. They also love to dance. They have been line dancing for ten years and know well over 100 dances.

Parting Words

Bailey and Blythe love inspiring others with what they love to do. Bailey says, “There is nothing better than being able to make our clients feel and look their best! It brings out a whole other side of confidence in them. A side that was dying to come out!” Blythe adds, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do!