Crystal Michelle

From an early age, Crystal has two passions pulling her in their direction. Hair and music. Crystal decided to pursue music first, but the desire to do hair wouldn't stop calling. She headed home to hair school.

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crystal michelle violin

Creative Career Callings

Whether music or hair, Crystal and her family knew she would have a creative career. Between the two, she always loved hair the most. But, with three aunts, several cousins, and a grandma already doing hair, music was a way to pave a unique path for herself.

Hair Plays Louder than a Violin

After two years of music school and five on the road, Crystal couldn’t ignore hair any longer. One day in Alaska, while teaching kids to play the violin, she worked up the courage to pack her bags and head home to hair school. When asked about her days as a professional violinist, she said, “I am thankful I had the privilege to work as a musician, but hair is everything to me.”

The Satisfaction of Perfect Blonde

Crystal would do blondes all day every day if she could. She said, “I love blondes so much because they are always a project and they never have the same result. It’s always a challenge and every now and then you get that perfect platinum and there is nothing more satisfying.”

June 8, 2019

All About the Babylights Balayage Technique

If you’ve scrolled through any social media hair feeds lately, you’ll notice a bevy of bespoke color services available. Services with cute names like teasylights, color melting, foilyage, and babylights. The truth is, there are more services every year, they are more alike than different, and each new service has its turn in the sun as the hottest new hair trend. Today, we cover babylights.

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