The Hair Standard COVID-19 Guidelines

Masks? Required for Staff, Highly Recommended for Clients

The State Board of Cosmetology requires staff members to wear masks at all times. If you are a client, we highly recommend you wear masks too. We request you wear a mask for not only safety reasons but for the comfort of those around you. Please remember some suffer from underlying health conditions. Some find emotional comfort in those around them taking every possible precaution.

Salon Sanitation

We must completely sanitize every surface and tool between each service. Stylists and assistants must wash their hands between services. Each client will receive a freshly laundered cape. There is hand sanitizer at each station for stylists and clients to use throughout the service.

Restricted Occupancy

Stylists can only see one client at a time. Stylists are allowed to have an assistant to expedite the service and help keep the area clean. There is currently no double-booking.

Children Services

If the client has a child that needs a service, the parent can be there for the child’s service, but the child cannot be there during the parent’s service.

Temperature Scans

We will conduct thermal scans on every stylist and client before they enter the building. Your temperature must read below 101°. Sometimes there are temperature variances, especially in the Las Vegas heat. If you test above 101°, but there is a misreading, you can stand by and test again.

Acknowledge Known Risks

All stylists and clients must sign a release of liability and assumption of risk. There is a lot of unknowns with conducting business during the pandemic. We are following all of the guidelines set for our industry. Still, for our team and our clients, we need to make sure everyone fully understands the risks of going into the salon right now.

Download the Release Here

Digital Booking and no Walk-ins

Currently, the salon is by appointment only. There are no walk-ins. If you are looking for an appointment, you can always check the schedule online or find your nearest location and give the front desk a call. Most stylists book their appointments directly. If you already have a stylist at The Hair Standard, feel free to text them for more information on their schedule.


Please Wait in Your Car

We currently do not have a waiting area. When you arrive, please call or text your stylist to let them know you are waiting. You can also call the front desk. The phone number for Summerlin is 702-778-3375 and the number for Centennial is 702-294-1166. When the current client has left the building, your stylist or the salon will call you back and let you know it’s ok to come in for your service.

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