Getting our Hands on Hand Tied Wefts

What Makes Hand Tied Wefts Special?

The hand tied hair extensions method has been around for a while. They may seem new but it’s just getting trendy. A big reason for their lack of popularity is how difficult they are to install. While there are some pros to this method, there are certainly some cons. Let’s go over why hand tied wefts exist, what the benefits are, and what to watch out for.

First, why do these exist? We get along with the trandtional beaded weft method just fine! Totally. And, really, the beaded weft method is likely still best for you. Hand tied wefts are bound by hand and thin by design. Thin wefts are perfect for people with fine hair who want to avoid the heat or glue of tape-ins. Hand tied wefts, like tape-ins, lay flat without bulk. They can be more comfortable to wear and touch.

So what’s the downside? The installation. They are not only difficult and time-consuming to install, but the wefts can’t be cut. If you attempt to cut them, the thin wefts quickly shed and become worthless.

Sewing hand-tied weft hair extensions

Clipping and sewing hand tied weft extensions

Hand-Tied vs Beaded Wefts Installation

Both hand-tied and beaded wefts have the benefit of voluminous hair that looks and feels natural without need for heat and glue in the installation process. Both installations are time intensive and require an experienced stylist. Hand tied wefts, however, require additional consideration.

Installing Beaded Wefts

Traditional beaded wefts are the most common type of hair extensions in our Las Vegas based salon. They are also our most requested service. And, for most people beaded wefts are still our recommendation.

Beaded wefts are stronger and have versatility. Unlike hand tied, you can cut beaded wefts. Often, you need smaller pieces to fill sections of your head where there is less hair. Think sides and the lower back of your head. With traditional machined beaded wefts, this is easy.

So for installation, beaded wefts are faster and have more options.

Installing Hand-Tied Wefts

Hand tied extensions still use beads. The difference is the beads are used to create rows across your head using your natural hair. Hand tied wefts are then sewn onto the rows. Some people do two rows with two to four wefts on each row.

Hand-tied wefts cannot be cut and must stay bound as a single solid piece. Being unable to cut a weft into smaller sections makes the installation process…trickier. Instead of customizing (cutting) filler pieces where needed, you have to carefully plan placement with the row created by your natural hair.

If you have fine hair, the planning and forethought may be worth the effort.

If you have fine hair, the planning and forethought may be worth the effort. Hand tied wefts offer natural looking extensions without the bulk that durable beaded wefts offer. If you have medium to thick hair, however, traditionally beaded wefts are stronger and easier to install.

Heather McBride at The Hair Standard clamping hand tied weft hair extensions

Tightening Beads on the Guide Row of Hand Tied Wefts

Hand Tied Wefts vs Beaded Wefts Maintenance

We recommend 4-6 weeks between tightenings for beaded wefts and 4-8 weeks for hand tied wefts. The range depends mostly on how rough or gentle you are with hair extensions. (Most of you are straight up savage.) You might be thinking well that’s less maintenance, that’s great! Well, not so fast.

Tightening Hand Tied Wefts is Like Redoing Your Service

To tighten hand tied wefts, you cut the string initially sewn in and completely re-sew it. In essence, it’s like redoing your installation. The bead or guide row is still in place which makes things quicker, but on average, hand tied tightenings are 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

Beaded Wefts Have an Easier Time with Maintenance

On the flip side, beaded wefts take half the time. Beaded weft tightening sessions are 20 – 30 minutes.

We only recommend longer intervals between tightenings with hand tied wefts because of the long process. With proper installation, you will have less slippage with hand tied wefts. That said, beaded wefts shed less and are easier to maintain.

For the Experienced Extensions Wearer

One stylist recently had hand tied wefts installed and instantly felt she needed more hair. However, she actually had the same amount of hair installed as usual (100 grams.) The reason hand tied wefts felt lighter is because they are! The wefts are much thinner with less weight pulling on your natural hair. This gave the illusion of less hair when it was actually the same.

Hand tied weft extensions

Beautiful and natural installaton of hand tied wefts by Heather Mcbride

Cost of Hand Tied Wefts

Hand tieds are getting trendier lately. Habit Salon made their own brand and marketed them on Instagram. They are still a niche product. Being a niche product, expect to pay premium prices.

We can go on and on about how you need to find a quality hair brand. The fact is, there are too many promoting true remy human hair when 90% of it isn’t.

There are just too many these days promoting true remy human hair when 90% of it isn’t.

Spoiler alert, you cannot buy 120 grams of remy human hair with the cuticle intact for less than $300 in 2018. Most hair $150-250, is put through a silicone bath to simulate a cuticle, and tangles and mattes after a month. We have scoured the earth to find a brand we believe in.

Once you do find a brand you know is high quality. Hand tied wefts cost more than other methods. If a 100 grams cost around $300 for traditional beaded wefts, expect to pay $400 or more for hand tieds.

Hand tieds are more time consuming to manufacture. Each binding of hair is handmade. Some brands report it takes days to make a single pack of hair. Whether that’s true or not, you’re surely paying for it.

Are Hand Tied Weft Extensions Right For You?

This is a tough one to answer. For almost everyone, we still recommend traditional beaded wefts. There are more options for good hair brands, there are more options when installing, they are less expensive, and they hold up longer.

That said, hand tied wefts do have a place. If you have thin hair, limitless time, and the cost is no option, hand tied wefts might be better than tape-ins for some people.

If you have thin hair, limitless time, and the cost is no option, hand tied wefts might be better than tape-ins for some people.

No matter what, you really need to find an installation pro. Hand tied wefts can are not easy to install and even more difficult to maintain. Don’t watch a hand tied video, buy some hair, and ask your stylist to do them unless they’ve done them before.

What do you think? Do you have experience with hand tied extensions? We would love to hear about it. Leave us a comment below.

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89 Comments Getting our Hands on Hand Tied Wefts

  • Marina

    Want to know what your prices on hair color

    • The Hair Standard

      You can view our starting prices here on the site. Click hair at the top. Depending on your specific hair needs, and the stylist you choose, prices may differ. See you in the salon soon!

  • Lisa

    How many grams are hand tied wefts? I’m looking for 22 inches. Also how much does it cost? Thanks!

    • The Hair Standard

      There are 4oz or 113 grams in a pack of hair. You get the same amount of grams for all lengths of hair, which is kind of weird, but that’s how it works. The cost of the hair varies by color with brown typically being the least expensive. On the other side, the most expensive hair is typically ombré/rooted at around $300–$425. The service to install hand-tieds vary by stylist whereas Heather, featured in this video, ranges $350–$400.

    • Kathy

      Just wondering, I was given a price for the Habit Hand Tied Extentions for $1500-$2450, most likely being $2450. That is 2 rows. Then the push up every 4-6 weeks for $399. Is this the normal/going rate? I live in FL Thanks for your input.

    • The Hair Standard

      Prices may vary since you are in Florida but that seems the normal going rate for hand tied, at least in Vegas.

  • Stacie

    Where do u get the training to learn how to do this type of hair extensions?

    • The Hair Standard

      Hi Stacie. Heather from this post has mastered the technique and offers students to shadow her. If you would like more information please contact us at or through the form on our contact page. Thank you for your interest!

  • Kristen

    How many rows of hair should someone with short thick hair order?

    • The Hair Standard

      Hi Kristen. It depends on how short your hair is and long /thick you want your extensions to be. 18″ hair comes with 8-10 wefts while 20″ hair comes with 6-8 wefts. If you’re like most clients (with a normal sized head ;)) 6-10 wefts are ideal. For 20″ hair, you may need to order 2 packs.

  • Rachel Garabedian

    Is there one row in the 22′ bombshell extensions weft? Or does it come with 2 rows?

    • The Hair Standard

      There is one long weft. I believe bombshell is in the 50-60″ range. Your stylist cuts the long weft into rows to match the circumference of your head. You will definitely have more than 2 rows in one package.

  • Ashley

    I’m trying to find someone in Arkansas who does this. Any idea? Thank you! I need hand tied bc my hair is super thin

    • The Hair Standard

      Hi Ashley! I’m sorry we aren’t familiar with salons in Arkansas. We do have one idea though. Book a flight to Vegas and come see us! We will take really good care of you.

    • Whitney

      Pure salon in bentonville Arkansas does them!

    • Jen

      Terra Cox in Hope Arkansas does them at Salon One 24

    • The Hair Standard

      Thank you Jen!

  • Marcella Tambouris

    What brand of hair do you use for the hand tied method? I had this method installed last summer by someone who went to a training class at Habit, we used $800 worth of Bombshell hair, and it tangled and matted within a month. It got so bad that I had to have the hair taken out after 2 1/2 months because I could never wear it down without it matting. I was so upset and so frustrated because I spent almost $2000 total on the entire process. I definitely don’t want to go through that again, but I love this method and the way it looks, I really would love to have it done again.

    • The Hair Standard

      We also have many stylists who use bombshell and haven’t had a problem such as that. There is the possibility that it was just a bad batch of hair.

    • Sara the stylist

      It also depends on how you are caring for them. You need high quality, sulfate, harsh alcohol, harsh silicone free products. Not only do the extensions need moisture but they also need hydration (2different things) Extensions should be babied. You should never pile the hair on top of head to wash. Only focus on scalp and squish through ends. Use a wet brush holding tension on the hair while brushing. Avoid styling products containing Butane, SLS, salt systems…
      Wash with cold water when possible. Braid at night to sleep in. Do not EVER color extensions unless you’ve asked your stylist to do it and it’s doable. Wash less than you would without them. Get yourself a good dry shampoo that doesn’t use talc but a rice starch instead. If your extensions are blonde, I recommend an Olaplex #2 treatment twice a month.

    • The Hair Standard

      Thanks for the information Sara! Feel free to check out our other blog posts!

    • Ranch Wife

      I agree I had hand tied extensions done by habit hand tied specialist that was trained by actually lady who started it. Within a week in half my top row came loose and I had to remove it. The first time I washed my hair it was awful actually felt like my head way really heavy. It constantly gets matted and tangled. I actually had 6 wefts in one row tied into my hair that’s why it was so heavy. They are beautiful but, alot of maintaining. It takes me almost an hour to blow dry because, you have to make sure you dry the wefts so they don’t start itching your hair. Mine shed like crazy. Had I not paid 1250.00 for mine they would be gone. And 300 per row to move it up. At least the salon that initially installed mine. They hurt after move up for couple of day’s. And mine are awful to wash they tangle really badly. That I have to comb them out wet with conditioner. I only wash my hair twice a week because, I dread the process. That’s my opinion. And someone else may like them.

    • The Hair Standard

      Extensions are more high maintenance than just normal hair because you are basically doubling or even tripling what you already have. It takes some getting used to but it does look gorgeous when properly installed.

    • Ranch Wife

      I also braid mine I use sulfate organic shampoo and conditioner like Aveda or Purulogy shampoo and conditioner I use a wet brush. I use also argan oil and coconut oil in my hair. When I brush them I hold up by weft and brush. And I brush my hair 2 to 3 times a day. I’m doing everything the stylist who original installed them for me. And I use a thermal spray before I blow dry.

    • The Hair Standard

      Yes, using hair oils is great for extensions, it helps them last as long as they can. We recommend the Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil.

  • Becky

    My hair is currently long (about an inch above chest region) and thick with a heavier weight line. The stylists at my salon (I’m a stylist of 7 years at the location as well) are currently liscenenced in beaded weft and hand tied. I’m looking to add length but am worried the 1 box of 4/12, 20” weft won’t be able to blend since my hair is thick?… We are planning on doing the beaded weft on me. What is your recommendation? Razor my ends…but 2 boxes?Thank you!

    • The Hair Standard

      2 boxes may be overkill, but then again we aren’t able to see your hair in person so maybe your stylist knows best.

  • Haley

    Hi there, anyone doing these kind of extension near Montville, NJ?

    • The Hair Standard

      Sadly we aren’t familiar with Salons in that area. But if you make the trip to Las Vegas we have plenty of stylists willing to help you out!

  • Beckie

    My hair grew back verrry thin and fine…can you help?

    • The Hair Standard

      Check out our newest blog post! It’s all about getting thicker hair.

    • Trish

      Hi! Was this after having the extensions? If so I’m in the same boat. I can’t remove them
      Because my hair is so thin now but I also don’t want to lose more hair. Any suggestions?

    • The Hair Standard

      It’s highly unlikely the extensions are causing your hair to fall out unless they were installed in correctly or you’re not taking proper care of them.

    • Miranda Dodson

      I have hand tied wefts and love them except I’ve noticed more shedding and some of my extension hair is coming out from the weft in small chunks. I’m always brushing carefully and only wash my hair once a week because it’s a lot of work to blow dry! I also can’t seem to rinse all the shampoo out and product gets stuck around the weft causing my scalp to itch and get irritated! How do I rinse them better while being careful?

  • Ashley Malcolm

    Any chance you know of a salon in Florida ? I’m in palm beach county “Jupiter “

    • The Hair Standard

      We unfortunately do not but we’d love to help you out in Vegas if you fly on over here!

  • Karen

    Hi I live in Africa and I visit the Usa in the summer and I have always used the la bohyme hand weft brand brand but I find that the quality is still where it is mixed and gets funky after a few months – what is the best brand of hand weft that you work with

    • The Hair Standard

      Bombshell extensions have been very popular in our salon but coming 2019 we hope to release our own line of extensions so keep your eyes pealed!

  • Mary

    Are you able to take machine tied wefts and install them like tape in extensions (in 2 inch wide pieces?) I like beaded wefts, however, I also like the freedom and spacing of tape ins. The installation of 1 long weft felt to heavy. Is this a service you would offer? Also, for 1 pack of 18″ dark hair, could you give me a ballpark on the total cost of hair + installation? Thanks!

    • The Hair Standard

      In theory that is possible but definitely not recommended. Tape ins are more dense than if you were to cut a weft the same size as a tape in so the weft would look choppy and thin compared to the tape in extension.

  • Alyssa

    Im trying to find someone near corona, ca that can do this!
    any suggestions?

    • The Hair Standard

      So sorry but we’re not sure of anyone near that area, but if you came over here to Vegas we’d have plenty of stylists to help you out!

  • Julia

    If we live far away but come there to get the extensions done what is the absolute longest we can wait to do the fill/maintenance? Would 2-3 months be okay?

    • The Hair Standard

      To get the extensions tightened we recommend coming in every 4-6 weeks about. This of course depends on how fast your hair grows so it can slightly change for every person.

    • Linda

      Sniptease Salon In Toms River NJ offers this method

    • The Hair Standard

      Thanks Linda!

  • Tracy

    Hi I was wondering if you knew any salons in south jersey that do this hair technique?

    • The Hair Standard

      I’m sorry to say we don’t know of any, but we’d love to help you out over here in Fabulous Las Vegas if you take the trip!

  • Johnk463

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    • The Hair Standard

      We’re so excited to hear that, thank you for your love and loyalty! Don’t forget to check out our latest blog post about The Best Hair Thickening Products.

  • Smithc582

    Attractive section of content. I just stumbled upon your website and in accession capital to assert that I get in fact enjoyed account your blog posts. Any way Ill be subscribing to your feeds and even I achievement you access consistently rapidly. bakdebedeeabbkcb

    • The Hair Standard

      Thank you so much! We love loyal readers! Be sure to check out our latest blog post about The Best Hair Thickening Products.

  • Heidi

    Have you ever had a problem with the hand tied extensions matting or tangling? I have worn extensions for more than ten years and have never had this problem. Do you think it might be a bad batch of hair?

    • The Hair Standard

      From personal experience we have come to learn that the quality of hair depends on the suppliers. The hair we recommend to our clients don’t have issues like that until worn for quite and extensive time. It most likely is the batch of hair or the supplier you buy from that does not give top notch hair.

  • Kim

    Hi, is there any one in Canada that teaches hand tied wefts on how to install them for someone who already does extensions but wants to learn hand tied weft method?
    Thanks Kim

    • The Hair Standard

      Unfortunately we don’t know of any educators in Canada. But we’d love to see you if you flew over here to Vegas!

  • Erica

    Can you wear your hair in a high ponytail with hand-tied or a top know? I have machine wefts in by Tease Salon in OC. I love them, good quality, I take great care of them, but am limited in the styling department because I have fine to medium hair. When I go to the gym, I am frustrated by the side braid or low pony. If I put up in a high pony, it feels weird or shows on the sides. With hand-tied, would I be able to throw it up without anything showing? Thanks, Erica!

    • The Hair Standard

      Yes you would be able to, the difficulty would come in hiding the extensions when your hair is up. You would also probably notice the extensions in you hair when you first put it up but most likely you would get used to the feeling and not notice them after a while.

  • Debra Berry

    Hi! Is it possible to install hand tied wefts using the machine tied weft method? I have beaded wefts and very thin fine blonde hair. I was thinking of getting the hand tied weft because they are thinner, but installing them like the machine tied wefts.

    • The Hair Standard

      Hi Debra,
      Unfortunately that i snot really possible. A hand tied weft can’t be cut or else it will unravel and shed. Also the sewn part of the hand tied wefts is too thin and not meant to pull hair through, it wouldn’t hold and will cause additional shedding. Hope this was helpful, let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Danielle


    I’m looking to buy 20″ extensions. Would these be the correct ones to buy for the hair tied extensions, 20″ #60 Silky Straight 100% Remy Human Hair [W-RH-120399] off of:

    I am skeptical because they seem cheap compared to the prices that have been said.

    • The Hair Standard

      If that’s the correct color that matches your hair you could buy those. But we cannot vouch for that website though as we have never heard of it and don’t recommend it to our clients. We normally recommend bombshell and it does not normally fail us, so if you are feeling unsure about the extensions it may be better to go with more expensive ones from a site like bombshell. In our experience with hair extensions cheaper is not usually better, and with hair, quality is very important.

  • furtdso linopv

    My brother suggested I may like this blog. He used to be entirely right. This submit truly made my day. You can not imagine just how so much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

    • The Hair Standard

      We’re so glad we could be of so much help! Be sure to keep checking on our blog for other hair topics and let us know if you have any questions!

  • AriA

    Does anyone in Canada do these??

    • The Hair Standard

      We’re sure there are some stylists who do them, unfortunately we don’t know anyone to refer you to. If you would are ever in Fabulous Las Vegas give us a call though!

  • zvodretiluret

    You made some nice points there. I did a search on the topic and found mainly folks will have the same opinion with your blog.

    • The Hair Standard

      We make it a goal to provide the best information!

  • Cat

    In Canada I highly recommend the extensionist they do hand tied wefts with great quality hair. One of the best I have experienced.

    • The Hair Standard

      I hope those in Canada see this comment, it would totally help them out. Thanks Cat!

    • Patrizia

      Do you have more info. about the extensionist in Canada? Email me?

  • Giselle Veller

    I am currently debating on what class to take for the hand tied extensions… have you heard of laced extensions? Or NBR ? I also know of habithandtied… are they all the same just different hair? How do you know which one is the best hair ? Or what class to take?

    • The Hair Standard

      We’ve heard of all those brands. They all have their own technique on installing hand tieds. As far as which one is better, it is a personal preference. We have stylists who have done training in all the brands you’ve mentioned so they use all different techniques.

  • Michelle Bennett

    I have extremely thin fine hair and currently use tape in extensions. My hair dresser is recommending habit hand tied extensions. I want to go to them so I have more flexibility with styles but I am afraid that they will either slip out of my soft hair or I will have issues. Any thoughts on how they work with my type of hair?

    • The Hair Standard

      Hand tieds are a light weight seamless natural weft. If installed correctly there should be no slipping or breakage. It’s perfect for fine hair because of the lightweight of the weft. A row of beads is put around your head and the weft is sewn to those beads to give you the look of the hair actually growing from your scalp and to reinforce no slipping.

  • GB

    They look great but I experienced extreme pain, headaches and an itchy rash on my scalp and all over my body due to an allergic reaction from the beads. I wasn’t able to sleep at night because they were so painful and uncomfortable to sleep on. And for those of you asking about putting it in a high ponytail or bun, It didn’t work. It was a waste of a lot of money because I ended up taking them out in just 5 days. The rash went away right away. I realize this is my experience but I want to share so people are aware that it doesn’t work wonderful for everyone like most reviews say.

    • The Hair Standard

      We’re so sorry for that experience you had! If you are allergic to the beads there are other extension types you can try such as hand tied, tape ins, and clip ins.

  • Elle Young

    Just ran across this site and am so happy I did!!

    I’ve been wearing beaded wefts for 3 years now without issue. Over the last 3 months, I have had my hair rip from my scalp where the beads are. We’ve tried adding more hair into the bead, but still no luck. No changes in brand of hair or bead type. I also get red irritated bumps where the beads are. I get 22” from the hair shop inc and usually do 4-5 beaded rows.

    My stylist recommends switching to hand tied. I have fine hair m, long but thinner. Do you have any advice or recommendations? Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!!!

    • The Hair Standard

      Hi Elle. Oh no, sorry to hear about the irritation. It’s not completely uncommon, especially for those with fine hair. When the beads irritate the scalp, it likely that there is too much stress being put on your hair. The beads might be too close to your scalp. With hand-tied, the weft is lighter but the beads actually sit closer to your scalp so it’s tough to recommend. I would talk to your stylist about trying tape-ins and avoiding a bead all together. Tape-in extensions are generally best for those with fine hair and a good recommendation. Please come back and respond with what your stylist says and what you decide on doing. Would love to hear a follow-up.

  • Lisa

    I’m on week 4 of my first round of hand tied extensions. I’ve had tape ins since 2013. I’ve noticed that my extensions have broken off about 1/2 an inch away from the beginning of the weft, with every single weft, every single row. I’m pretty easy on my hair. I dont leave it wet. Only wash it once or twice a week. I use good products. I don’t know why this is happening. I’ve got Bohyme brand….

    • The Hair Standard

      Hi Lisa. It’s really hard to say without seeing it in person but experience tells me you may have simply, and unfortunately, got a bad batch of hair. You’re doing all the right things but no matter what, everyone gets bad hair from time to time. There just isn’t enough good hair to go around anymore. I wish I had a more sophisticated answer for you. I know you wrote this comment a little while ago, what happened in the end?

    • Rianne

      I think that’s called the “return”

  • Amy

    I have been using the tape in extensions for about a year. I love them but I have very thin, fine hair so for me to keep them covered by my natural hair, I have to have the top ones moved up every 3 weeks. Every six weeks she removes the tape in extensions, highlights my natural hair and the puts the tape in extensions back in. I feel like the glue and the process of taking them out so often has damaged my hair. My stylist was recently trained by Chrissy at Habit Salon on the hand tied extensions. I am scheduled to have them put in in 3 weeks. I have a few concerns and am hoping you could answer a few questions…..

    Are the hand tied extensions safe for VERY thin, fine hair?

    Are they less damaging than the tape in extensions?

    I live in Indiana and we have well water. We have a water softener but with my most recent batch of tape in extensions I have had trouble with them getting a green tint. I only use good shampoo approved by my stylist so they seem to think it is the water.
    Have you seen any color changes to the hair based on something like this? Maybe I had a bad batch but I do not want that to happen to my new hair and I can not move for my hair!

    I have orders Iles shampoo, conditioner and the oil to use on new extensions per my hair dressers recommendation and I will get the Oliplex to use twice a month per your recommendation but is there anything else you would recommend? Should I use a clarifying shampoo to help prevent any color changes.

    My biggest fear is causing damage to my hair and that my not so cheap new hair will turn green.


  • Toni

    What if a single bead on the first row falls out two weeks after first install? ( I LOOOOOOVE my extensions)

    • The Hair Standard

      Hi Toni. That’s not too big of a deal. Ask your stylist to tighten that bead back up!

  • Kelly newton

    EVERY brand of hair I’ve tried does not last. I used to do i-link and those would last me 6+ months to one year. I’m on my 4th batch of hand tied wefts, all from different companies, and none seem to last longer than a month or so. I have used extensions for 15 years, so I know how to care for them properly. I never had this problem with i-link. What brand of hair do your stylists use? Any luck with Bellami?

    • The Hair Standard

      Hi Kelly. Unfortunately, the problem you have is not uncommon. In fact, it’s more common than ever. We have found the demand for hair as increased so much that there simply isn’t enough product to go around. Our stylists use every known brand and have luck for a while and eventually get a bad batch. When that happens they switch to another brand until it happens again. All hair comes from China. Well, 95% of it. And, it’s all bought from the same market. There are different grades of hair that change every year but when you boil it down it comes to how many donors were used in a package of hair. Currently, the top grades are 10A, and 11A. 10A is 4-6 donors, and 11A is supposed to be from a single donor. That said, just like hair here in the states, every person is different and just because it comes from a single person with the cuticle intact and aligned, doesn’t mean the hair will hold up to stress. Lastly, a month with any brand is very short. There are things you can do to improve your extensions experience and we wrote a post about it on our site. With you being such an experienced user, you likely do most or all of these things but maybe it’s worth a read. And yeah, we have tried Bellami. Good quality but similar story. How to care for your extensions:

  • Kare

    I have thin hair and have been wearing tape ins for a few years. I like how quick they are to have installed and theyve been gentle on my hair. I don’t like all of the short little pieces though, esp as they grow out. I really want to try this method but I’m worried about the time commitment. So I was wondering, Is it possible to install a few rows of a hand tied weft using tape?

  • Lyndsay Wethington

    I have hand tied weft extensions with beads and I was wondering how much the maintenance usually is before I go Monday?