Hair Products March 18, 2019

The Best 8 Products for Curly Hair

The Struggles of Curly Hair Those of us with curly hair, or even on the wavy end of the spectrum, already know well how frizzy and unmanageable humidity can make our hair. If you’re embracing your natural curls, however, it turns out the opposite can be true as well. Living in a hot, dry climate, […]

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Hair Color Hair Products December 28, 2018

Fact Checking a Few Common Hair Myths

You’ve probably heard these common hair facts once or twice in your life, and, you wouldn’t be alone. However, after consulting our team of stylists to find out the real deal on these common hair truths, we found out they aren’t truths at all, and in fact, hair myths. Have you heard these 5 hair […]

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Bumble and Bumble Hair Products October 17, 2018

Best Hair Thickening Products

There is a way to enhance thin hair. Using the right hair thickening products can help make your hair look its best. Here is our rundown of must-have products to combat thin hair.

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