Famous Habit Salon Finally Visits Vegas

Portrait of owner Chrissy next to front desk of Habit Salon.

Owner Chrissy and the reception area of beautiful Habit Beauty Salon.

Habit Salon and owner Chrissy

Chrissy Rasmussen is a 2o+ year stylist, mom, wife, and owner of Habit Salon. Chrissy and her husband started their business 18 years ago in a tiny one-room attic with only Chrissy and her sisters. They have steadily upgraded their location and salon throughout the years which we love to hear as it’s near and dear to our heart and origin of The Hair Standard. At one point they sold everything they had to build their dream salon. Some called them crazy at the time, and as a husband and wife team ourselves, we totally get it.

It’s not just Chrissy and her sisters in an attic anymore

These days, Habit Salon is a collective of over 50 stylists and team members with a focus on growth and constantly pushing themselves to their limits. They have said they believe being the best at what you do will create long-lasting happiness and success and they have the portfolio to prove it.

Known for their balayage and education on social media

Habit Beauty Salon is just a bit famous on the internet. Between their salon and owner Chrissy Rasmussen instagram, they have well over 250k followers. Add that to their youtube, snapchat, stylist’s profiles, and they are a social powerhouse in the world of hair. We have been lucky to glean tips and tricks off of them for a couple years now. However, if you really want to see what Habit is up to behind the chair, you’d have to fly to Gilbert, AZ and attend a Habit class there. Until now!

Side by side screenshots of instagram profiles for Habit salon and owner Chrissy.

You could say Habit and owner Chrissy are pretty well known on instagram.

Habit Salon visits Las Vegas in 2017

This story goes almost a year back. We have quite a few stylists that absolutely adore Habit Salon and they begged and pleaded for us to contact them to come to town and teach. The conversation started on instagram (where else) with a lot of back and forth about logistics and us pleading our case to be a host venue for whatever they wanted to teach. Finally, a year later we have a date finalized and Habit Salon is coming to The Hair Standard on February 26th!

Haircation aka hair(edu)cation by Habit Salon

Haircation is where the magic happens. Haircation is a branch of Habit Salon  that focuses on online and in-salon training by the Habit masters themselves. With a Haircation class, you are able to see a client go from start to finish. And, they really mean that. It starts at the consultation phase and ends with taking pictures and getting them ready for social media. In between, they cover the always difficult to explain toning process, and really make sure you understand the hows, and whys. Haircation has a membership program that gives a pretty sizable discount for in-salon classes as well as access to webinars and online media.

The big Haircation class hosted at The Hair Standard

The class starts at 10:30am with a 10am meet and greet featuring your teachers, Chrissy Rasmussen, Becky Miller, and Marissa Madsen. Expect a very busy, fun-filled, up close and personal day doing no less than 6-10 clients with a full question and answer session. Topics showcased in this class include training on the hand-tied method for wefts as seen on Habit’s social. The total cost of the class is $950 but can be brought down if you’re a Haircation member. Full details on the class page. We are massive Habit fans and this has been a long time coming. Hope to see you there!

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4 years ago

Okay I know this is a very strange request because you don’t know me from Adam, however… I have the most beautiful very very long very very real thick healthy hair you could ask for. Sadly after losing my long time friend and stylist I am terrified of who will highlight or balayage my hair next. Up to now it was supposed to be one color at the base followed by too pretty golden Light and darker blondes. Pretty right? Well you know that’s not happening now!!! Please help! Please ?! I have noticed that you’re having an advanced training bye some people who apparently do this really really well. Light bulb!… BTW props for the ongoing education says a great deal about you and your love for what you do, Hallelujah! Okay any chance I could offer to come by or send you a photo to be a guinea pig or possibly even pay to be one of their models for what to do and what not to do? I really need some guidance and help here and either way it looks as if you’re going to be my new salon. You were so highly recommended and I can’t wait to meet with a member of your team. Warmest regards, Taylor

Nancy Ojeda
Nancy Ojeda
4 years ago

I have very long natural red hair in the Houston area if you ever need a hair model in these parts! #havehairwilltravel