Amy Carmody

Amy is a natural care-taker. Like her mom, she originally planned on being a nurse. After college, she had a change of heart and decided as a stylist she could help people in a fun and happy way that improves their confidence, every day.


  • Balayage
  • Babylights
  • Extensions
  • Hand-tieds

Getting Into hair

A lot of stylists are obsessed with hair at an early age. With Amy, not so much. It never really crossed her mind. Her mom was a nurse, and she wanted to be one too. Or so she thought.

A Quick Conversation

One day when hanging out with her friend who worked as a salon receptionist, Amy talked to the owner about not being so sure about nursing school. He simply said he thought she would be great in the hair world and to explore the opportunities. That was in 2006 and Amy says it was the best decision she ever made.

yelp | Kori S.
“Amy Carmody at THS is THE FREAKING BEST! I've been a client of hers for years, but I have to say THS is one of the most beautiful salons I've been in! They use Bumble&Bumble products which are my FAVORITE. Anyhow, Amy is always so efficient and leaves me (and my hair) feeling so full of life and ravishing! She's INCREDIBLE! I drive from deep Henderson to Summerlin and she's WELL worth it!!!!”
yelp | Hyun C.
“I read some good reviews about this salon so I decided to try this place out by checking them through Instagram. Well, that was the best decision ever because I was able to find Amy Carmody! I'm an Asian with dark brown hair and I've been always wanting "light" hair but no one seemed to get it right until I met her! She knew exactly what to do just by my descriptions and what I wanted my hair color to be like. I've been going to Amy for almost 2 years now and even though I moved to California, I still come back to Vegas just for her!!! Definitely recommend Amy”
yelp | Andrea F.
“I have been going to Amy Carmody for years. However, I made a mistake by venturing out. My blonde hair had a tint of blue/green, which I did not ask for. Amy saw me immediately and spent hours correcting the mistake I made. Once she was she was done, I felt beautiful again! It's never a good feeling leaving a hairdresser and not getting what you asked for. Amy does an impeccable job every time and cares about the integrity of your hair. It's safe to say I would never venture out again!”


One of Amy’s specialties is babylights. Babylights are exceptionally thin highlights weaved with precision to create slight tonal shifts in your base color. These subtle highlights add a lot of richness and vibrancy.

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Our Hand-tieds Hero

Amy has been at the forefront of this trendy extension method since the beginning. Hand-tieds are thin wefts designed to lay flat on your head for a more comfortable and seamless extensions experience.

Machine Weft Master

The tried and true extensions method. Machine wefts work well for almost everyone and are the best extensions method for maximum volume. Amy is one of our most senior machine-weft specialists.

Natural Everyday Color

Amy’s favorite thing about hair is creating beautiful and classic hair you can wear every day. For Amy, it’s all about transformation and the confidence even the slightest color tweaks can give you.

What we Know About Amy

We asked Amy what else people should know about her and she got shy. So, let us tell you what we know. Amy is a beautiful person inside and out. She is incredibly talented and detail-oriented (you have to see her perfect foils.) On a personal note, she loves to travel, she loves Disney, and you can ofter find her on a snowboard in the mountains or a wakeboard on the lake.