Amanda Stanley

Amanda eats, sleeps, and bleeds rock and roll. She is a rock chick, hair artist, and momma to her core.

Amanda Stanely The Hair Standard Las Vegas senior picture

A Schooling Decision

Amanda has always wanted to go into hair. Usually, mom or dad says, fine, be a stylist, but you have to get a fallback education first. Not this time. This time, mom encouraged her to go to cosmetology away. But, it was Amanda who thought it might be wise to get a college education first. Weird. 

It All Started With Mom

Thankfully, Amanda listened because her mom knew hair was Amanda’s true life’s journey. She knew because Amanda, from a young age, was not only constantly changing her own hair but had her hands in everyone else’s too!

Amanda Stanely The Hair Standard Las Vegas hair school graduation

It’s All in the Approach

When it finally came time to go to school, Amanda was unsure if she wanted to pull out a student loan. So instead, she thought about going to a less expensive esthetician school. But, she always glamorized Aveda and their holistic approach, so she decided to talk to them first.


Amanda talked to the Director of Admissions at Aveda, Gail Renzi. While walking and talking, Gail stopped Amanda, looked her in the eye, and said flat out, “you’re a hair artist, not an esthetician.” When Amanda heard that, she knew. Now two influential women in her life told her what she already knew deep down. At that moment, Amanda knew she had to do whatever it took to pursue hair.

Amanda Stanely The Hair Standard Las Vegas selfie

Lace, Leather, and Spikes

Ever since Amanda was a little girl, she has been in love with rock. So while her friends were obsessing over New Kids On The Block, she asked dad for a Motley Crue poster. So even these days, it’s easy to know when Amanda arrives at the salon because you’ll hear her rocking out from around the corner.

Amanda Stanely The Hair Standard Las Vegas extensions


Extensions have always been an obsession of Amanda’s. She used to do her extensions before she even went to hair school. She loves how extensions can genuinely boost a client’s self-esteem.

Amanda Stanely The Hair Standard Las Vegas color correction

Color Corrections

Amanda finds color corrections to be a considerable challenge. But she is always up for a challenge. The tedious work it requires is satisfying for Amanda. She likes to call color corrections hair adventures. 

Amanda Stanely The Hair Standard Las Vegas blonde hair


Amanda loves a good blonde. She loves all the different tones that you can do with a blonde. Buttery, icy, and beige, golden, white, and warm are just a few of her favorites.

Hobbies and Loves

Amanda’s current and most important hobby is being a mom to her son, Halen. She is also a gym rat. In addition, Amanda has a green thumb and loves gardening. A recent hobby Amanda has picked up is making homemade soups and sugar scrubs. If Amanda had a choice, she would be at a rock concert every night. But her pride and joy, Halen, reigns supreme.